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Finger Wrinkles

Does hot or cold water wrinkle your fingers faster?

Yumiko Hayate

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Finger Wrinkles

This Experiment was conducted by: Marissa Minier Elizabeth Ergang Kendall Tuinstra Avilia Diaz and Is to see if hot or cold water makes your fingers wrinkle faster Our Experiment If we put our fingers
in hot and cold water
then the hot water
would wrinkle them
faster. Our hypothesis is this is our procedure 1.Water will be placed into two foam cups.one 10-25 degrees C, and the other 35-40 degrees C. 2.
and Elizabeth
will place one of
their index fingers in
each of the cups. Marissa
and Avilia will use a stopwatch
and check Kendall and Elizabeth's
fingers every two minutes
3.Both cups will be the same type of cups. The cups will be filled to the line in the foam cup. The timer being used is from Mr.Branch. Each finger will spend the same amount of time in the water. The experiment will be run two times to ensure accurate results. 4.Kendall and Elizabeth's fingers will be checked every two minutes and the data collected recorded Our Conclusion According to our data, hot water wrinkles our fingers faster than cold water.In our first experiment, the 35 degree C water started too wrinkle fingers after 6 minutes while the 25 degree C water didn't wrinkle at all. At 14 minutes both kinds of water had wrinkled fingers, but the 35 degree C water had more wrinkles. In the second experiment we used different water temperatures, 10 degrees C and 40 degrees C. The 40 degree C water started wrinkling fingers at 2 minutes. Only after 10 minutes did the 10 degree C water start wrinkling fingers. At 14 minutes both water temperatures had produced wrinkled fingers, but the 40 degree C water was still more wrinkled. To get a more accurate experiment you should use the same temperature both times.
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