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Who Killed Benny Paret?

No description

Scott Smith

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Who Killed Benny Paret?

Who Killed Benny Paret? Comprehension 1. Why, according to Mike Jacobs, do people come to see a prize fight? Does Cousins agree with him?

2. What was the immediate cause of Paret's death? What remote causes did the investigators consider? What, according to Cousins, was the main cause - that is, where does the "primary responsibility" (9) lie? 3. Why does Cousins believe "it is futile to investigate the referee's role" (9)?

4. Does Cousins expect his audience to agree with his thesis? How does he try to win symapthy for his position The Suspects Emile Griffith The Referee The Glove The Fans The Victim Purpose and Audience 1. This persuasive essay has a strong thesis. What is it?

2. This essay appeared on May 5, 1962, a month after Paret died. What do you suppose its impact was on its audience? do you think the impact on readers is the same today? 3. At whom is this essay aimed - boxing enthusiasts, sportswriters, or a general audience? On what do you base your conclusion?
Does Cousins expect his audience to agree with his thesis? How does he try to win sympathy for his position? Style and Structure 1. Do you think Cousins includes enough detail to convince his readers? Where, if anywhere, might more detail be helpful?

2. Explain the complex cause-and-effect relationships discussed in paragraph 9. 3. What strategy does Cousins use in his conclusion? Is it effective? Explain your reasoning. Combining The Patterns This essay begins with five paragraphs of narration that summarize a meeting between Cousins and Mike Jacobs. What function does this narrative introduction serve in the essay? Once Paret's death is mentioned and the persuasive portion of the essay begins, Cousins never resumes the narrative. Do you think he should have returned to this narrative? If so, where might he have continued the story? Perpetrator The Fans
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