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No description

Alaa Atef

on 7 May 2015

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Susan Borland is a sales director and Judy Morgan is her assistant encountered a particular difficulty with the matter of how to pay the team.
Imaginative staffing is a temporary services
About the firm
Problems and our solutions
As for account manager , when the incentive
2) Should the team
They decided a selling team should consists of at least 3 sales people :
sales rep
A person who could be the account's manager.
One person from the top management.
The issue here is paying the people as Borland thought that there should be no special compensation plan for the selling team , as they are paid a salary for their work and they all get substantial bonuses at the end of
the year.
in New York city that supplies temporary workers.
Angie Roberts, the president and her assistant Nicole Gamin .
Roberts become aware of the team selling concept as she had frustrated by how long it took to close a sale with good prospect, on average it took about 6 months of hard work to make a sale.
Large and small companies made extensive use for temporary help for many reasons :
To fill in for workers who for some reasons were unable to work .
To handle overload conditions.
To take care of seasonal peak workload.
The reason for prefer temporary worker as
Permanent worker take benefit packages,
insurance and termination
1) Should the president be part of the selling team when appropriate?
In our opinion : The president should be a part of the team selling as the account manager's job is to develop each account's use of the firm's service ,and also to know special needs and problems,and then developing programs for using temporary employees to solve them.
The President should appears to be
more likely a team member and
support the sales reps.
receive compensation for its
productivity ,or should the teamwork
be considered part of the job ?
We should connect performance with reward and results .
Decreasing commission could be a problem .
cut it will lead to not making any changes in his current accounts and may not be interesting in working on team assignments,so in order to get the team manager buy in the team selling concept the compensation system will need to reward account manager for his efforts.
As for top management person the reward for team selling cold come through a variety ways beside compensation directly..Ex:rewarded with a
large year end bonuses ,potential vice
presidency ....etc.
3)If you feel a
productivity compensation
for the sales team is called for,
design one.
Compensation plan should contain (salary,year end bonus plus an average commission about
11,000 from 10 large accounts
6,000 from managing 40 smaller accounts
As the sales reps should show an average about 42,500 based on the 10% of the 1st year sales ... the next year show an addition from 30-40,000 before bonus, so his earning will be 70-80,000 before receiving the year end bonus... as a sales rep
he will not be able to change
this strategy.
If the sales rep receive
8% of the 1st year sales and a 2% reduction the rep need to make 25% more sales to receive the same first year earning .
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