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Our MAP Experience With Bio systems Engineering

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Crystal Vazquez

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Our MAP Experience With Bio systems Engineering

Farrall Agriculture Engineering Hall
Our Focus Under Dr. Reinhold
Using plant based ecosystems to improve water quality
Projects included:
Storm water treatment
Water drainage
Constructed treatment wetlands for water reclamation from anaerobic digestate
PhD student Ronald Aguilar studied how wetlands can treat bioenergy waste.
Crystal Vazquez
Demonstrating How Engineered Biosystems Treat Waste-water
With limited media, high school students were asked to construct a filter out of organic materials
My Overall Experience
Marie Carmel Dimanche
My Overall Experience
Christine Charles
My Overall Experience
Our MAP Experience With Biosystems Engineering
Poplar Plantations for Food Processing Waste-Waters
MSU Campus Stormwater Practices
PhD student, Niroj Aryal is investigating the capabilities of poplar trees to treat sites that had been affected by food processing waste waters.
Graduate student, Rebecca Bender studied how constructed wetlands may be used for urban stormwater treatment
Demonstrating Engineered Ecosystems
Effectiveness of Wetland Plants in Tile Drainage in Two Stage Ditch System
Undergraduate student Tessa Clarizio tested the effectiveness of Wetland plants in treating tile drainage in a two-stage ditch system.
We using sandbox models for the high school students were able to engineer a river system in order to meet certain criteria to see how they can find their experience in this project with the sand.
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