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Staff Experts Presentation: 21st Century Libraries

No description

Appleton Public Library

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Staff Experts Presentation: 21st Century Libraries

Children's Services • Public Services • Community Partnerships • Materials Management • Network Services
Staff Experts Presentation: 21st Century Libraries
Presented by Tanya Misselt - Children's Services Supervisor
Presented by Paula Wright - Public Services Supervisor
Presented by Brian Kopetsky - Community Partnerships Supervisor
Presented by Michael Nitz - Materials Management Supervisor
The future is unpredictable...
Let me look into
my crystal ball.
Child as a learner:
• Research & Outcome Based Programming
• Child-Centered
• Authentic Learning
• Programming Expansion
The future is unpredictable...
Child as learner:
• Research & outcome based programming
• Child-centered
• Authentic learning
• Programming expansion

Technology Integration:
• Simulated experiences
• Gamification
• Crowdsourcing
Local Focus:
• Library of the people
• Local problem solving
• Website as a dashboard
• Promoting the best of right now
The future is unpredictable...
but we can make an educated
guess as to what it may look like.
Q. Who/What is Public Services?
A. The front-line staff of the library.
• Librarians
• Library Assistants
• Clerks
• Pages
What was that?
• Changing question dynamic
• Ready reference questions
• HOW questions
• Technology
• Access
• Assistance
Information Shift
• Shift from consumers to creators
• Maker spaces
• Content creation station
• 3D printing
• Co-work spaces

• Life-long learning
Tools of the Trade
• Discovery layers
• All-in-one search
• Familiarity
• Local content

• Costly
• Money
• Time
Internet of Things
• New search platforms
• Taste/scent
• Tactile
• Raw materials

• Staff guidance
• Service desks

• Roaming services

• Mobile services
Service Points
Take a Step Outside
• Community events

• Pop-up libraries

• Dynamic library spaces
Pop-up children's library
The future belongs to those who
believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Today's library is much more
than the sum of its "stuff".
Libraries represent our community's
investment in a better tomorrow for its citizens.
Adjusting the Library
• Community laboratory
• Active community members
• Active library staff
21st Century Literacies
• Reading
• Critical thinking & problem solving
• Information finding
• Social skills
• Civic & global awareness
To be successful the library needs to be able to deliver
21st century services when and where they are needed.
The library needs space for
people to work together.
The future...
• Staff will introduce new technology
• A place for personal development
and exploration
• A space for creation and sharing
Large Publishing Houses
Hachette Book Group • HarperCollins • Macmillan • Penguin • Random House • Simon & Schuster
Universal • Sony • Warner • Independent Labels • EMI Group
Warner Bros • Disney • Universal • 20th Century Fox • Paramount
Digital Publishing 1980s-1990s
• Apple's Newton
• Palm's Pilot
• Microsoft's Reader
• Adobe's Reader Software
• Aldus' Pagemaker
Digital Publishing 2000s - Now
• Smart Phones
• eReaders
• Tablets
• Laptops
• And much more!
First Sale Doctrine
• 1908 Supreme Court Case
• Copyright Act of 1976
• Enables buyer to dispose of
purchased item as he/she wishes
The notice we all agree to, in order to use what we've bought (typically) is a lease, not a sale.
Capitol Records, LLC v. ReDigi Inc.
• 2013 US District Court Case
• Downloaded music is a lease = buyer
cannot transfer digital content
• Nearly everything we own is composed
with digital content
• European courts differ
Libraries & First Sale Doctrine
In the next 20 years...
• Libraries expand digital and physical offerings
• Expanding access to bandwidth
• CPU's continue to become more powerful
• Backlash from those who want ownership
In the more distant future...
• Print Materials On Demand
• Upon Return, Add To Collection
• Continue Collaborative Collections
• Consolidate Digital Collections
Presented by Appleton Public Library Electronic Services Librarian
What's next in tech?
When imagination breeds innovation...
Imagination breeds innovation:
Bandwidth and connectivity
What's next?
When imagination breeds innovation...
Right Now
3D Printers
IR Gesture Mouse
Eye Tracking
Cloud-Based Software
• Adobe
• Google
• Apple
• Windows
What happens in an Internet minute?
The Internet of Things:
The physical world itself is becoming a type of information system.
Google Glass
"...when it come to the Internet of Things* , the days of prediction are behind us.

The days of preparation and exploitation are upon us."
Thornton A. May | Futurist
*The Internet of Things: any real-world object can be discovered and queried online.
• Bandwidth, connectivity and the cloud
• Media is device independent
• Internet of Things
Kevin Kelly's Predictions From December 2007
Internet of Things:
• We are going to give this machine a body
• We are going to restructure it
• We are going to become completely co-dependent on it
Map of the Internet
Data Links To Data


The Semantic Web
• There is only ONE machine

• The web is its OS

• All screens look into the ONE

• No bits will live outside the web

• To share is to gain

• Let the ONE read it (machine-readable)

• The ONE is us. We are in the ONE.

Kelly's Seven Main Points
For more information about our long-range planning process, APL 150, please visit www.apl150.org.
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