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Salesforce 1

No description

Ohad Idan

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Salesforce 1

Salesforce 1
Salesforce's new mobile platform
Do everything
Complete access to SF data
Access to custom SF Apps
iPhone or Android
Soon: Corporate Branding
Chatter, Chatter, Chatter...
Conversations within context
Bring the right people into the conversation
No need to send links or attachments
Conversation and history is displayed in a time-line view for easy "catching up"
Data Ownership
(or: If you own it, it's yours)
The birds and the bees:

How an opportunity is born
It's a new
Forecasting a future
What's done is done
or: New features in 2013
What the future holds
Periodically check what you own: Opportunities, Accounts, etc.
You may own records you did not create
Unmaintained records litter our reports
You own more than just the record. You own the data within it.
If mass changes are needed, contact me.
Example: Dealer accounts
Accountability is key to good data
Single Sign-on
Capturing all orders in Salesforce
Converting Opportunity to Order
Paperless production lab
Automated RMA Quoting tool
RMA Bulk Device management
Marketing: Pardot and SalesVue
Many workflows, automation, approval workflows, email notifications, and reports.
Tracking VMS Orders in SFDC since May
Tracking TAM Orders in SFDC since Sept.
All emails to orders@id-systems.com or to aiorders@id-systems.com generate SFDC orders automatically
Since September, Opportunities can be converted to Orders.
Creates a relationship between Opp to Orders
Allows Full life-cycle analysis of Lead --> Order
For TAM, Orders can be equated to Releases against Opportunities (Contracts)

Most opportunities begin their life as a Lead
Only qualified Leads will be converted to opportunities
A Lead converts to 3 new records: Account, Contact, and Opportunity
Opportunities that are closed "Won" will be converted into Orders
Orders in SFDC drive generation of Sales Orders in Oracle ERP
Opportunities can be created from an Account
Products should always be loaded for both VMS and TAM
Keep your data updated - close date, stage, probability, and amount are key factors for forecasts
* For TAM, the opportunity record equates to a contract in ERP system
Forecasting is based on Opportunities
The opportunity Stage, Probability, Amount, and Close Date drive the forecast.
If it isn't on Salesforce, it did not happen
Loading products allows for better forecasting, assists Operations
Forecast category is driven by Opportunity stage
Better, more details Forecasting
Sales process analysis
Lead-to-cash analysis
Oracle, out - Salesforce ERP, in
360° Account view: Opps, Orders, Fulfillment Status, Support, RMA's
Guided Selling: Product Configurator
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