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The Outsiders


J. Markman

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders - Idioms "The Outsiders" is written just as Pony and his friends
speak in everyday conversation. Slang words, phrases
and idioms are commonly found in the book as Pony
tells the story. Idioms are expressions that are made up
of groups of words which must be learned
as a whole. The meaning of the words used
separately would not translate into the
intended idea. For example, when Pony says that
Soda never cracks a book at all, he
means that Soda does not ever read. DIRECTIONS: After each idiom,
write its meaning. 1. I'd hate to be a Soc
who takes a crack at him. 2. . . .I'm marked lousy. 3. Soda was keeping up a
steady stream of wisecracks. 4. I'd hate to see the day when
I had to get my nerve from a can. 5. He looked at me
as if I was off my nut. 6. You two blow at the
first sign of trouble. 7. He's gonna be asked to start
the fireworks around here. 8. They looked like they were all
cut from the same piece of cloth. 9. I wasn't exactly itching for
someone to break the record. 10. The Soc. . .was slugging
the sense out of me. 11. Tim Shepard was
swearing blue and green. 12. I sat tight as Dally roared
the car down the street. 13. We all left the
house at a dead run. 14. The ground rushed up
to meet me very suddenly. 15. He landed all
over that Soc. 1. I'd hate to be the Soc who TRIES TO HIT HIM. 2. . . .I'm seen as being NO GOOD. 3. Soda was JOKING CONTINUOUSLY. 5. He looked at me as IF I WERE CRAZY. 4. I don't ever want TO DRINK ALCOHOL TO GAIN THE COURAGE to do anything. 6. You to GET OUT OF HERE. 7. He'll be asked TO START THE RUMBLE. 8. They all LOOKED ALIKE. 10. A Soc was HITTING ME VERY HARD. 12. I SAT STILL because the car was moving fast and recklessly. 14. I PASSED OUT OR FAINTED. 9. I WASN'T ANXIOUS for someone TO FIGHT BETTER THAN MY BROTHER. 11. Tim Shepard was swearing LOUDLY AND CONTINUOUSLY. 13. We left the house RUNNING AS FAST AS WE COULD. 15. He BEAT UP the Soc WITHOUT ANY RESTRAINT.
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