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The Great Lab 2014

No description

Ray Aun Fan

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of The Great Lab 2014

The Great Lab 2014
Successful teams will receive an offer to develop their project at their host company to bring their ideas to life over the course of 3 months between June to October.

Successful teams will arrange for the exact start and ending dates of their industrial placement with their host companies individually, as well as details about accommodation and transport.

Teams will be given allowance subject to the discretion of the company.
A three day workshop which includes:
Site visits to company research facilities,
Technical workshops by participating companies,
Mind-stimulating debate!

Grand Pitching, a public event where teams will present their refined ideas and proposals. Companies may absorb participants for internships at this stage.
Teams will obtain:
Guidance from experienced company researchers and engineers,
Opportunity to work on proposals to reality, and where possible, to commercialization.

At the end of the placement, the participants are expected to demonstrate a working proof-of-concept to their host companies. These successful projects may be taken on to a next level - for further development and research, or be funded for technopreneurial purposes by CREST and/or Cradle - in our search for long lasting impact in the industry.
Late April 2014 and internship offer
4-6th July 2014
3 months from July - October
The Great Lab (TGL) is a student-led initiative to gather industrial problem statements from science, technology and engineering companies, and challenge all Malaysians overseas to solve them.
inspired by CREST Malaysia
Problem Statement
by 4th April 2014
Submitted proposals should cover:

Introduction & Motivation
Project Outline
Technical Details
What is
The Great Lab?
From date of submission to 19th April 2014
Teams who successfully reach this stage are expected to give a 15 minute presentation on their ideas, and to answer any questions the company representatives may have.

The pitch session will happen at an agreed time between the company representatives and applicants, either through face-to-face pitching with an interviewer who will be sent by the relevant company to the participant's location, or through teleconferencing. The pitching sessions will be facilitated and aided by TGL Collaborative.
How to Join?
1. Register an account
2. Login
3. Choose problem statements
4. Prepare proposal with a team of 1 - 3 members
5. Submit
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