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Introducing Western Mailing

No description

Western Mailing

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Introducing Western Mailing

Consultants working for your business
Our professional, innovative team are targeted communications experts, who use their knowledge to get your business the best results possible.
Western Mailing provides versatile multi-channel solutions to deliver the best result for our customers.
A modern mailhouse
We are future focused, delivering multichannel promotions and cutting edge online strategies; all supported by the technology and resources to deliver jobs of any scale.
Western Mailing will use data analytics, customer profiling and flexible personalisation to elicit the highest possible response rates.

A great history
NZ owned Western Mailing has delivered effective direct marketing, invoicing, statements and customer promotions since 1984.
Western Mailing
Delivering your message,
by mail and online.
Our technology, machinery and people resources ensure that we are versatile, and will deliver jobs of any scale, on time, with ease.

Our team have extensive knowledge of the mail-house industry and use their experience to deliver bullet proof solutions that fit your business.

Western Mailing
Western Mailing owns modern world class facilities in both Auckland and Wellington.

Western Mailing has bronze accreditation under the
Enviro-Mark programme, and is working towards gold.
Targeted online promotions, email, transactional mail, print and multichannel communications are simple and effective to run, with all the technology and resources within one company.
We handle your data services including secure delivery, data cleaning and automation, data profiling, archival solutions and self-service customer interfaces.

We focus on understanding your markets and business, and use our expertise to recommend the best method of delivery.
The innovative Western Mailing team have the technology and expertise to future-proof your business communications.
Data Management
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