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Fergie Ferg

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Editing

Editing in Advertising
Justify your Choices
Number the shots on the worksheets for the order that you have put them into and explain why you chose this order.
What do you notice about the structure and narrative in this Proctor and Gamble advert?
How does the advert begin and end?
Editing Task
On final cut pro - Create a new event called 'Corsodyl' and a new project.

Import the clips and the sound from the Corsodyl advert and arrange them into what you think is the correct order on the timeline.
The final product
Narratives in adverts should be....
Simple and easy to understand
Toderov - equilibrium, disruption, resolution
Make use of stereotypes
Inform what the product can do
End with the shot of the product (establish brand identity)
Include the slogan
When editing an advert - selection and choice are important. Which footage you choose to use, and what order you put it in.

Adverts often include a
to help sell their product and explain what the product can do.
Problem - why does the customer need the product?

Solution - What are the benefits of using the product

Finish with the shot of the product to help establish brand identity.
Keep in mind
How an advert should be structured
You need to edit the footage so that the narrative makes sense
Hints and tips
I have taken an advert for Corsodyl mouthwash and chopped it up into eight clips.

I would like you to edit the advert together in a way that:
Establishes what the product is for
Informs the audience about the products
brand identity
Think about how short adverts are
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