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Gaint Pandas and Their Ecosystem

Science Projest April 11, 2011

Really Good

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Gaint Pandas and Their Ecosystem

Gaint Pandas!!! Pandas lives in bamboo forests where bamboos are abundant. Did you know?
That Pandas only live in China. They're habitat is found in the mountains where it is wet and chilly. Did you know?
That there's three types of pandas;
the Sichuan Panda, the Qinling Panda and the Red Panda. Besides pandas there's also the following... Golden bamboo Lemur Mountain Gorilla And etc. Some abiotic and biotic factors are... Bamboos also known as the Bamboo Sea in where the many of these species lives. Mountains and also the Spiniclose Tree Ferm-"the live fossil in the earth." Fungis and the air around them. A pandas niche is having very large paws for digging out roots and jaws that helps them deal with tough vegetations. Did you know?
That Pandas not only eat bamboos, but they also eat grasses, bulbs, fruits, some insects, and even rodents and carrion. But looking at where they live you can see an abundant of their favorite snack, so they many eat bamboo almost 100% of they time. Did you know?
That bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can grow as fast as 100cm(39in) in a 24-hr period. Some of their other limiting factors is the shelter of land that they can live in since many where taken away from human development. Did you know?
That pandas not only lived in the mountains, but the lowland too. Sadly many where taken away for human development. Did you know?
There's a rare case where you can see a brown and white panda. Did you know?
That they spend at least 12 hrs of their time eating and they will eat as much as 84 pounds of bamboo(because of the low nutrients it has). Besides that they also have a shortage of bamboo, their favorite snacks. Liminting factors is like it sounds. They are factors that limit a number of species that can live in an area. As for carrying capacity, it is the number of a species the land can occupy. The limiting factor determines the carrying capacity. Predators and prey relationship also affect the carrying capacity. Another limiting factor is the birth rate of pandas. They can have 1-2 cubs each year. Only one cubs survives. The cub stays a year before they leave the nest and the next cubs come. Did you know?
That a panda's digestive system is one of a carnivore. They do not have the ability to digest cellulose(plant matter) food. One of the greatest predators of pandas are; man, leopards, and wild dogs. For Red Pandas, Yellow-necked Martens may sometimes take their cubs to their nest. They are related to all four of the spheres because they live in the biosphere, and the biosphere includes the 3 other spheres. The atmosphere, hydrosphere, and the lithosphere.
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