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History of the vacuum

No description

Samantha Rivera :)

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of History of the vacuum

History of Vacuums
Introduction of the First Vacuum
First electric-powered vacuum
In 1900 the first electric-powered vacuum cleaner was introduced by Corinne Dufour in Georgia,

Then it was followed by Hubert Cecil Booth, who was a British Engineer. The vacuum was called "Puffing Billy," and it took a form of a large, horse drawn carriage. It was introduced at August 30, 1901. Booth's invention was similar to John S. Thurman of St. Louis invention from 1898.
1906 to the 1930's
1906 : James B. Kirby invented a "Domestic Cyclone"- a vacuum cleaner that used water to collect dirt.

1908 : The first motorized, portable vacuum cleaner invented by James Murray Spangler, a janitor from Canton, Ohio. It had an electric fan, a box, and a pillowcase to collect dust.

1920 : Air-Way Sanitizor of Toledo, Ohio starts to manufacture vacuum cleaners with a disposable bag and was the first to do so.

1926 : Hoover invented a “beater bar” (known as “Positive Agitation”). It’s a metal bar attached to the rotating brush roll in the floor nozzle and it vibrates the carpet while sucking which removes dirt more efficiently.

1930 : The first model of vacuum cleaner made of plastic appears on the market.
1950's and 1960's
1950 : The first upright vacuum cleaners appear in production.

1954 : The first hovercraft vacuum cleaner made by Hoover. It doesn’t have wheels but it floats on its own exhausts.

1963 : In this year David Oreck started making industrial strength upright vacuum cleaners which became lighter and easier to use.

1969 : The first self-propelled vacuums were made by Hoover.
Late 1970's
1978: James Dyson starts experimenting with bag less vacuum cleaners. Until 1993 he built over 5000 prototypes and finally made his Dual Cyclone machine.

1979 : Black & Decker starts selling small cordless hand-held vacuum cleaners that works on batteries.
21st Century
These are a few examples of the current vacuums.
2002: iRobot makes Roomba
a disc-shaped vacuum cleaner with sensors that clean the room without human involvement
By: Samantha R. & Zoe N.
The first vacuum cleaner was invented by Ives W. McGafIves. It was called the "Whirlwind," and was first introduced in Chicago in 1868. This was an hand-umped vacuum cleaner which was made of wood and canvas.

There is a motor inside which spins a spins a rotating brush and a fan which creates suction. This brush picks up debris and transports it to the dust bag or filter.

This vacuum was made for middle to high class citizens. The target audience were people that owned a living space that would be interested in purchasing this kind of invention.
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