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Canada's Expansion to the West (1867 - 1885)

This prezi shows Canada's land growth & developments.

Kareem Badreddine

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Canada's Expansion to the West (1867 - 1885)

By Kareem, Ahmad & Yeshua 87 Canada's Expansion to the West (1867 - 1885) The Canadian Pacific Railway John A. MacDonald The completion of the CPR directly impacted immigration to Western Canada. The CPR allowed people and materials to move faster to the West, it cut the travel time from months to days. The Chinese had a difficult time building the railway; they got little pay and worked in harsh conditions. Immigrants wanted to settle in Western Canada, because the land is cheap and has a lot of space for them to live. In order to speed up immigration, they decided to build the railway. The Indians didn't have a say in the land distribution. MacDonald ignored anybody's opposition to his decision. Immigration With the discovery of gold in Western Canada in 1858, it brought thousands of people into the West. To get a piece of action with hopes and dreams of receiving gold, money & a new life, the people left their lives elsewhere quickly. This contributed the expansion of Western Canada. The Gold Rush The purchase of Rupert's Land led development to the West, because the CPR was completed, meaning that thousands of immigrants from Europe, the United States, and eastern Canada could easily be able to settle in the Western prairies. By 1901, there were almost 500,000 people living in the Northwestern Territory. In 1905, two new provinces were created out of the region — Alberta and Saskatchewan. Thus a solid row of provinces reached from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. In 1912, a further change was made by the northward expansion of the provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec into land that had been part of the Northwest Territories. Rupert's Land It was part of the National Policy and the first step for filling Macdonald's dream in building a nation that stretches from coast to coast. Therefore, as the National Policy's second step, Macdonald signed a contract of building a Trans-Canada Railway to the Canadian Railway Company (CRC). The government gave the CRC $25 million Canadian and 25 million acres of land. The settlement of Western Canada was filled with troubles. However, Macdonald's government overcame the difficulties and was successful in settling the land. Thanks for watching!
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