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Treasure Island

No description

Leanne Meikle

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson 1883
Timeline of Key Events in Treasure Island
This 1884 Edition of Treasure Island is valued up to$5,000.
An 1883 1st edition, 1st issue copy costs up to 30,000.
This presentation aims to track visually key narrative concepts, linking them to the characters and events that provide that information.
Cardinal Functions -
MacFarlane (1996, p.13) says Roland Barthes describes it as a ‘hinge-point’ in narrative. A point where the narrative changes direction because of an event taking place.
2012 British mini-series adaptation of Stevenson's (1883) Treasure Island :- pictured are -
Ben, Flint, Silver, Jim, Squire, Dr. Livesey, Capt Smollett.
1. Billy Bones arrives
at the
Admiral Benbow Inn.
2. Black Dog, Blind Pew
and the pirates find
Billy Bones

3. Jim Hawkins and his mother open the sea chest finding money and a mysterious oilskin packet.
Oilskin Packet
4. Jim takes the packet to
Dr. Livesey
5. In Bristol, the Hispaniola is purchased, Long John Silver is hired and they set sail for Treasure Island.
6. Jim overhears the crew plotting a revolt aboard the Hispaniola and warns the others
Leanne Meikle
© 2013

7. The Hispaniola arrives at Treasure Island, the pirate crew revolt and Jim slips away
8. Silver kills men, Jim finds Ben Gunn living on the Island, a battle breaks out
9. Jim seizes the Hispaniola, kills Israel Hands
10. Discovering the treasure is gone, the pirates rise up
11. The treasure Ben Gunn moved is recovered, the Hispaniola sails and pirates are marooned
12. On the way to England, Long John Silver escapes
The End
dead men tell no tales...
-Bang -
Marks the spot...
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