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Ptah Egyptian God

No description

jenny huynh

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Ptah Egyptian God

Ptah God Of Creation. Who is Ptah? It was believe that Ptah created the universe with his heart and tongue. He could make all things come to being by thinking of them and saying their names. Unlike other creation gods, Ptah created things with his mind not actions. Ptah is the Egyptian god of creation
and craftsmen. Ptah could also be
spelled as Ptha or Peteh which means
"opener" which sense to "opener of the mouth"
the opening of the mouth ceremony
is believe to been created by Ptah. Some facts about Ptah. Ptah wasn't
just the god of
creation he was
also the god of
craftsmen. Ptah was the god
of skilled
Craftsmen and
architects may due
to the amazing
sources of
limestone near his
temple in Memphis.
It was said that he
carved the divine
bodies of royalty. Ptah is the husband
of Sekhmet goddess of
war,or he could've been
Bast's husband. He is either
the father of Imhotep the
priest or Nefertem god of
perfume. By: Jenny H. Egyptian God: when Memphis became the capital city of Egypt,
Ptah became the ultimate creator god. He made
everything including other gods. They say that he
was the one who breath life into them and gave them their places.He became very popular then and many people worship him back in the
earliest time in Egypt. Ptah was also
a great protector
of Egypt. The myth
said that he
saved the town
Pelusium from
the Assyrian
attackers, by ordering
the vermins to chew
through on their
invader's weapons
sending back their
attackers in a panic.
Ptah is a man
wrap up in
mummy bandages, he
wears a false beard,
a skull cap on his
head and in his hand he
holds a staff that represents
life, stability and power. Introduction: Finish Ptah god of creation. In this you will
learn who he is, what he does and find out
some facts about him. This ancient god is very
interesting and I had a great time researching on this. how he looks like? ? ? ? ? Ptah is a great Egyptian
god, he created the universe
and other gods for the Egyptians, he protected
Egypt from their invaders and like his staff that
he holds it means life, power and stability.
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