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Aryan Tavassoli

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Dubai

Dubai and the UAE
Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoyed it! :)
General Facts
Founded in 1833, 1971 became part of the UAE
Biggest City of the UAE
Government: Scheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Languages: Arabian, English, Farsi and Indian
Area: 4114 sq km (total: 83600 sq km)
Population: 2.6 million (counted 2011)
Population (UAE): 5.4 million
Currency: Dirham (1 Euro = 5 Dirhams)
Official religion: Islam
Other religions: Christianity and Hinduism
6 other emirates are part of the UAE
Lays in the southwest of Asia
7th biggest oil reserves in the world
8th richest country in the world
The Flag
Designed by Abdullah Mohammad Al Maeena when he was 19 years old
RED: courage, honor and strength
GREEN: hope, enjoyment and love
WHITE: peace and sincerity
BLACK: determination and success

( in german: Tapferkeit, Ehre, Stärke, Hoffnung, Freude, Liebe, Frieden, Ehrlichkeit, Zielstrebigkeit und Triumph)
Dubai the City of Records
Highest Building in the world: Burj Khalifa (830m)
Biggest shopping center in the world: The Dubai Mall
Highest Hotel in the world: The Rose Tower (333m)
Best-ranked hotel in the world: Burj Al Arab (7 Stars)
City with many skyscrapers:
150 over 150m
60 over 200m
6 over 300m
The History of the UAE
4000 B.C.: The first settlers arrived
2500 B.C.: Became part of trade with Oman and
200 B.C.: Nations travelled from Jemen to Abu
622 A.C.: Prophet Mohammad travelled from
Mekka to Medina, 13 years later
the Islam became the Arabian
800 A.C.: The port city Ras Al Khaima started
trading with China
1761: Beduins founded Abu Dhabi
1930: Indian traders moved to Dubai then it
became the mightiest city around the
Persian Gulf
1966: Oil was found in Dubai
1971: The UAE were founded
2003: End of the 3rd Gulf War, the US took
over Irak
2007: The biggest mosque
was opened in Abu Dhabi

Other Holiday Activities
Waterpark: Wild Wadi
Waterpark: Atlantis
Shopping Street: The Walk
Global Village
Activities in Malls:
Tropical desert climate
Average temperature: 24-46°C
Nearly no rainfall, about 14cm per year
9-12 hours sunshine every day
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