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The Red Cross

No description

Suzanne Boersma

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of The Red Cross

The Red Cross
Lifesaving activities
Provide clean drinking water
medical assistance
Provide temporary shelter
Emergency Packages Deal
Contact Recovery
Hurricane Sandy
providing shelters and food
providing emergency assistance
providing physical and mental health services
providing long-term emotional support
founded by Clara Barton on May 21, 1881

During World War I: Introduction of First Aid, Water Safety and public health nursing programs

After the war: veteran services, safety training, accident prevention and home care for the sick.

During Word War II:Initiated the National Blood Program to get enough blood for the soldiers

During the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf wars: CPR/AED training and HIV/AIDS education

Since 2006 the Red Cross helps the government, coordinate and provide feeding, sheltering and family reunification for people affected by disasters.
Disaster Relief
Disaster relief
Community services
Military members
Blood services
The Philippine typhoon
A series of triple typhoons
emergency food packages
Temporarily housing
By Carsten and Suzanne.
What they did where...
Estimated costs for the American Red Cross so far:
$300 Million
Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan
providing food, shelters and blankets
sending doctors for medical services
providing emotional support
caring for elderly and helping with cleanup
departure US citizen
Total coast for the American Red Cross so far: $312 Million
Program expenses 90.7%

3 stars out of 4.
financial score 50 out of 70
accountability and transparency 70
Last Year's Disasters: The American Red Cross Response
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