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The Submarine Pitch

No description

Diana Reyes

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of The Submarine Pitch

The Submarine Pitch
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 is about Bernie and his team play there first game. There first game was against the atoms. He used the submarine against the atoms he got three strikes in a row on there first inning. Bernie's team won 3-0.
The summary of The submarine pitch
The book The submarine pitch is about a kid named Bernie wanted to play baseball with his friends. He went to a library and got a baseball book and that's how he learned about the submarine pitch. He practiced the submarine pitch everyday at practice. The team won the championships 9-8.
In chapter 1 Bernie Shantz was at his house in the afternoon and after he eats his dinner he was going to the library. When he got to the library he got a baseball book and read about the submarine pitch.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 is about Bernie trying out for the baseball team. When he learned about the submarine pitch he started to practice it. He wanted it to be a secret
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 is about Bernie and his team play there next game. There game is against the coronas. Bernie's team won the coronas 8-0. He used the submarine pitch against the coronas.
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 is about Bernie hurting his wrist. He hurts his wrist by pitching the submarine pitch too much. His coach told him not too trough a lot. But he didn't listen to his coach and he hurt his wrist.
Chapter 3
The coach is going to pick the team and Bernie and his friends all made it. The coach told everyone to be at practice the next day. When they practiced he was practicing to throw the submarine pitch
By: Abe
Chapter 1
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