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1990s Lifestyle

No description

trevor taylor

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of 1990s Lifestyle

1990s Lifestyle
Bill Gates
The creation of all the new jobs in the fields of internet and technology helped shape the decade.
Tech companies like Amazon and ebay led the nation in economic improvement (Brill 61)
Profits from these stocks gave investors additional income (Brill 61)
Many immigrants came to America and took jobs that Americans wanted (Brill 69)
Low-Wage workers complained about immigrants taking jobs (Brill 69)

In 1990, the number of foreign-born U.S. citizens was about 17 million. In 2000, it rose to 28 million, the largest number ever (Brill 68)
Racial Tensions heightened in the 1990s (Racism in the 1990’s: New Book 1-9)
. In April 1992, riots started to breakout in Los Angeles. Many stores were getting robbed and broken into mainly by blacks and Mexicans (“Racism in the 1990’s…” 1-9)
With all of this happening people had to start changing the way they lived

The Inventive 90s

Many Inventions were created such as the Internet, microsoft, and digital phones

Science and Technology
The new inventions and advancements helped make life better for citizens in the 1990s
The Internet was created by Tim Berners-Lee, this caused thousands of people to get computers("The Decades that Invented..."26-29)
The digital cell phone became available (Brill 47)
Millions of phones sold per week (Brill 47)
Both inventions made life easier for everyone
The Influential 90s
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April. 2014
By Trevor Taylor
The 1990s influenced daily life greatly because of the new advancements in science and technology, the creation of new jobs, and the new trends of the decade.

(¨Technology and Inventions of 1990s¨)
("Vietnamese Immigrants in the United States.")
("Vintage Nokia Phones.¨)

(¨Amazon Investor Relations¨)
The 1990s Influenced life greatly
Inventions made life better
New Jobs shaped the decade
And the fads and trends started changing how people lived
(¨Top 10 Greatest PS1...¨)
Thesis Statement
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