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Stephen Gould

No description

Teddy Dietrich

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Stephen Gould

Stephen Gould
Stephen Gould was born on September 10, 1941 and lived till May 20, 2002. He was a American paleontologist, who spent a large majority of his career teaching at Harvard University. His biggest contribution to biology was the theory of punctuated equilibrium. The theory was developed with Niles Eldredge in the year 1972. This theory stated that most evolution is marked by long periods of evolutionary stability, which is punctuated by rare instances of branching evolution. This theory debates that organisms will express little evolutionary change for most of geological history, remaining in a state known as stasis.
Thomas Huxley
Thomas Huxley was born on May 4, 1825 and died on June 29, 1895. He was an English biologist who was a strong believer in evolution. One of his major evolutionary advancements was his belief that birds evolved from carnivorous dinosaurs. This theory is now widely accepted today.
Ronald Fisher
Ronald Fisher was born on February 17, 1890 and died on July 29, 1962. He was a an evolutionary biologist who helped developed the theory of population genetics. This theory looks at the number of changes in the allele frequency in a population. This theory then became one of the main ingredients in the modern evolution synthesis.
Sewall Wright
Sewall Wright was born on December 16, 1889 and died on March 3, 1988. He was a American geneticist who discovered the inbreeding coefficient. He then later tested his work into populations and computing the amount of inbreeding in the population as a result of genetic drift. This was a major step for the development of modern evolutionary synthesis.
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