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Nahanni National Park

No description

Chase Booth

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Nahanni National Park

Nahanni National Park. Chase booth The name of this ecozone is Taiga Plains.
It is located in the Northwest territories. The four borders of Nahanni's ecozone are: Nahanni has many different plants like: sundew, lodge pine, prickly rose, white spruce, poppy and lichens/grasses and shrubs in the higher mountains of the Tlogotsho 1 Taiga Cordillera Taiga Shield Boreal Plains Boreal Cordillera 2 3 4 There are many types of animals you can see in Nahanni. Air Water Land -Loons
-red necked grebes
-peregine falcons
-sharp skinned hawks
-bald/golden eagles
-american kestrels -grizzly bears
-muskrats -mountain white fish
-spottail shiner
-lake trout
-trumper swans
-wood frog
-artic grayling Nahanni National Park The annual average tempature is -3.17C. Total annual precipitation is 368mm and the annual range of tepatures is -8.2C. Nahanni has a number of different geological processes, wind erosion, formation of karst, a variety of hot springs, tetonic uplift and erosion. In Nahanni you can white water paddle,
kayake, or go on a rafting trip.
But if your not that adventerous
you can view the mountain ranges,
canyons and Virginia Falls. Thank you for watching. Hope Nahanni see's you soon.
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