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savants brains

No description

Mr. Stack

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of savants brains

Savants have an extreme ability with extreme desirability . They are usually autistic. Most savants had a seizure or after a illness have a disability and a amazing, unique ability.
For example Derek Paravicini, when he was born extremely premature which left him blind. When he was four Derek taught himself how to play piano. Derek remembers any song he was ever taught. Watch this video as he plays the sugar plum fairy.

Savant population
Is there a savant in your brain
Watch this video as it shows you 10 top savants in the world
Any questions ?
Thanks for watching
have two dogs rocky and Louie
about Gabriella Magnuson
The Savant brain
What are savants?
favorite color is teal
like sports favorite sport is basketball
have a little sister Lilly
There are not a lot savants in the world. But not all savants are diagnosed with savant syndrome.
When you are diagnosed with the syndrome you are most likely to have an illness or are autistic. The estimated amount for people diagnosed with savant syndrome is 34 in the world. That's not a lot, if you think about it if those people start getting old and die the more the number goes down and the more we cant study how it works. But that may change because more savants are being born.
any question
Watch this video and see what you think
Savant is a Latin word.
Savant: Is a person profound or extensive learning and a learned person especially distinguished scientist.
Premature: When something happens early.

My project is about savants hope you enjoy !
By Gabriella Magnuson
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