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future technology 4

This is a Key Stage 3 lesson on future technologies

Mr J Elsom

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of future technology 4

Technology in the Future During this unit, you will investigate
some of the technologies which might
be available to us in the future. CONTEXT LEARNING OUTCOMES will be able to add text to a prezi presentation ALL MOST will be ableto manipulate text and images within prezi SOME will understand how to add sound and media files to a prezi presentation STARTER MAIN COURSE PART 1 PART 2: pairs
You now need to identify five different technologies
which you saw during the last video clip.
****answers on paper**** Answers Fridge that knows what is in it
Fridge that shows the expiry dates of all the food inside
Kitchen bench which adjusts itself to the correct height for the user
Kitchen bench that knows what food has been placed on top of it
Plate with a microchip which can give recommended recipies depending on the food placed on it
E-table - giant ipod which controls the entire room
Swipe the table with your mobile phone to access messages, music and photographs
Send photograph to 'frames' on the wall
Entire wall changes to suite music selected
Widgets in children's bedroom
Worlds' flattest TV screen
On wall games and language lessons
Check messages in the bath
Fill bath automatically to preferred depth and temperature PART 3: individual Think about your home...
You are surrounded by technology, much of which was unheard of even ten years ago.

In powerpoint, list some of the technology that you currently have in your home. Do a page each for:
Living room, Kitchen, and Bedroom.
PART 4: individual Undertake some research and find out what technology might be in your homes in around 10 years time.

There are some links in: My Computer/Student Share/ICT/Future Technology.

In powerpoint, make one slide for each website you visited and tell me the name of the site, and what information you found out.
PART 5: individual
Create a folder in your area called 'future homes' and save some suitable images to it for later use.
extension task: individual Think about the impact that future technology might have upon our daily lives, our work, our families and our health. Write a paragraph below explaining what effects we might possibly see...
Log on and turn your monitors off Desert Compare your research with another pupil and aim to add at least one new idea to your own powerpoint
time for coffee Complete your research task ready for next lesson.
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