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The Little Engine That Could

No description

Alicia O'Connor

on 5 December 2015

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Transcript of The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could
Written by Watty Piper
Presentation by Mrs. O'Connor

Plot Summary & Introduction

The Little Engine That Could
, there is a happy train filled with toys, animals, and tasty treats for all the boys and girls on the other side of the mountain. However, the train breaks down. As a result, the toys are left afraid that they will not reach their destination.

They decide to wait and see if someone will help them. First, a big shiny new train comes along, but he doesn't want to help. Second, a big strong engine pulls up, but he doesn't want to help. Next, a rusty old engine arrives, but he says he's too tired to help. Finally. a little blue engine chugs merrily along. Even though this engine is quite small, she agrees to help the toys. After hitching up, the little blue engine pulls away slowly but surely saying "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can". Because of her hard work and determination she was able to pass over the big mountain to help deliver the toys.
Growth as a Reader

Before starting this unit, I enjoyed reading, but as we read and thought about our books in a different way I was able to challenge myself to make connections and ask questions that I wouldn't have considered before. I believe that I am more insightful and aware of the words on the page now. I understand that an author makes deliberate decisions when creating their plot, characters, and conflict. In conclusion, reading is important and I have grown to love it even more as I am learning to appreciate it on a whole new level.
Thank you!
The Main Conflict
The main conflict in
The Little Engine That Could
is finding a train that is willing to help the broken down train pass over the mountain to deliver the toys, animals, and treats to the boys and girls. The poor broken down train has to ask for help four different times before a small train gladly agrees to assist in their journey. Through determination and courage, the little train that helps the toys is able to chug slowly over the mountain to their destination.
Book Recommendation
I would recommend
The Little Engine That Could
for anyone who needs an uplifting read about pushing forward even when things are difficult. The Little Blue Engine is inspirational to her readers, and shows the audience that if they put their mind to something they can accomplish it. The author does a great job of providing the reader with words that flow across the page, and become upbeat as the little engine chugs along. The pictures throughout the story add to the storyline as the reader is able to fully imagine the engine steadily creeping up and over the mountain. No matter one's age, this book can motivate even the most sluggish individual.
Main Character Analysis
There are a handful of different characters within
The Little Engine That Could
, but the main character is the Little Blue Engine. When all the big shiny engines passed by the toys sneering and aghast that the toys would even think to ask for help, this small engine stepped up to the plate. The Little Blue Engine can be described as courageous because even though she is tiny he is willing to try her best to help the toys get over the mountain. The Little Blue Engine can also be described as selfless because she does not think about what might happen to her if she pulls the extra cars, but thinks only of helping others.
The theme in
The Little Engine That Could
is to believe in oneself even when times are tough. The reason this is the theme of the story is because when the Little Blue Engine was faced with a challenging situation she was able to overcome it by thinking positively. She focused on the end goal of helping the children to help her chug along over the mountain to the other side. In life, we must all remember to believe in ourselves each day so that we may accomplish all that comes before us, too.
Reading Strategy Used

When reading this story, I tried to make connections to the text to help me better understand the characters and the conflict of the story. By doing this, I was able to think about my own problems in life, and how I can push through those just like the Little Blue Engine. I also stopped along the way to ask myself questions about why the engine did what she did to better understand the author's purpose of writing the story.
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