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If a Cell were a Town

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Aishwariya Mudunuri

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of If a Cell were a Town

by: Aishwariya Mudunuri If a Cell Were a City....... If a cell were a city, then the nucleus would be city hall. The Mitochondria would be the power plants. The golgi body would be the shipment company. The Vacuoles would be the food storage plants The ribosomes would be the restaurants The nucleus would be like city hall since it is the control center of the cell, much like how city hall is the control center for a large city. The mitochondria would be the powerplants that supply the energy in order to run the cell, much like how powerplants generate the energy needed to support the city In a city, there are certain areas that store non-perishable food for use in the future. Much like the food storage plants, Vacuoles store nutrients and 'food' for the cell to use in the future Much like how restaurants provide specialized food, the ribosomes provides certain proteins which the cell needs to function properly Much like how a shipment company in a city delivers items to different requested locations, the golgi body transports different nutrients and proteins throughout the cell The cytoplasm would be the roads and foundation Much like how the foundation and the roads are where everything in the city takes place, the cytoplasm is where all necessary functions needed for the cell to thrive take place. The lysosomes would be the garbage trucks The Cooking school would be the nucleolus like the garbage trucks pick up excess wastes and trash in a city, lysosomes pick up excess trash and waste within the cell and clean up the cell, while also protecting it from bacteria and viruses The cooking school would be the nucleolus since it creates ribosomes, which are the restaurants which deliver proteins.
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