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The food chain of Palawan RainForest

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Gabriel Tan

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of The food chain of Palawan RainForest

the top of the food chain
The second top of the
food chain is
The bear cat is a omnivore. it moves like a cat but walks like a bear,
lives on the trees and it's a night
hunter that eats fruits , and
small animal. will be taken as a pet a person.
The third lowest of the food chain is the tarsier
The second lowest is the...
insects live on trees they eat off smaller insects , and bacteria and eaten by a bigger animal.

The lowest is the...
bacteria is a special
consumer and will be eaten
by the insects.
one of the world's smallest monkey
they hunt for food such as small fruit in the night and the tarsier live on trees . They are in critical danger
then they will be eaten by the a bigger animal
humans take bear cats as pets because
bear cats eats coca beans and the digestive system process the coca beans and they poop it out but when the bear cat eats to much eventually they will die

The top of food chain is
The food chains of palawan rainforest

The Philippine eagle is a carnivore and one of the biggest and most endangered eagle. Philippine eagle is a carnivore that eats from a small bat to a 30 pound deer

The second top of the food chain is...
The third lowest is ...
The flower pecker is a herbivore that eat small fruit such as Berries and sip the nectar from flowers
The palawan is a natural rainforest
only 50% is remaining 20% was removed and turned into resort. palawan has one of the world's smallest monkeys the tarsier. Palawan is home to more than 3500 species of animal and plants. Palawan is also home to a native tribe called palawano.

The lowest is the berries
berries grow on trees and will provide food for bigger animals.
the second food chain
The Philippine
eagle is also the
national animal
The Philippine cobra is a carnivore. It is like a highly venomous spiting cobra it eats snake size animals or smaller animals such as birds.
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