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Small Town Enhancement Plan

Hattie Gianinetti

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of STEP

The Problem Alternatives S.T.E.P Small Town Enhancement Plan Our Policy LEED N-D: The Reason LEED-ND was proved effective and why we chose it was because...
-It will fit the town's character/charm by continuing main street and allowing more accessibility by bikes and walking.

-Also, the VCR project was originally proposed to be in the center of town enabling high accessibility for locals while reducing the use of gas consuming vehicles.

-Since Carbondale residents tend to be environmentally friendly, LEED-ND Certifies the amount of energy efficiency along with water use and such within the buildings.

-Another great thing is that we don’t have to certify our project. Sales Tax Revenue Issues Carbondale’s main source of revenue is through taxes; without sales tax revenue citizens will be taxed more to compensate.
Carbondale’s budget is $5,000,000.00, which has been decreasing each year.

Ordinance 21 Ordinance 21 is a basic guideline in which certain developments must abide by on the land owned by Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS).
Why we chose this policy The simple answer to solving the conflict over the previous VCR is to ask the question, what does Carbondale need? The only problem with asking that question is our community differs in its opinions. Divisiveness Buying the Land LEED-ND Youth Entertainment Underlying-zoning •If developed, it will create many more jobs and uses for Carbondale.

•If developed, we feel we can make it have a small town, environmentally friendly feel.
The underlying zoning is planned community commercial. The south one-third of the parcel is commercial, retail, wholesale. Underlying Zoning ] •The Crystal River Marketplace was originally zoned, in this proposal, for mainly commercial use, between 230,000-252,000 total sq ft (Post Independent), with some big box items such as a Home Depot. The Crystal River Marketplace was said to bring a total revenue of $750,000- $1 million/ year (Post Independent). VCR Proposal included 140,000 square feet of retail, commercial and office space, a new 58,000-square-foot City Market grocery store in the northern part of the property,about 164 residential units and other possible commercial uses, like a gas station, bank or fast-food restaurant. Property Use
Crystal River Marketplace History of Parcel VCR "I want to keep Carbondale's 'small town' atmosphere. I don't want big box stores." "We need development in order to create revenue for the town." "I don't want a PIF on my taxes, otherwise I think development is a good idea."
Able to develop as is with out a long tidious prosses that lies in the hads of the voters
Development can take place soon. Cons:
takes away form the small town feeling of the place with the posibility of big box
WIll cost the developer a lot of money to alter our hwy for access -Supplies stores
-Retail store allowing goods
-Recreational facilities
-Quantity helping service (health)
-Appliance store
-Automotive parts and accessory sales
-Building materials and supply sales
-Parking lots
-Convenience market
-Department store
Under the current zoning he could develop:
Develop the land following LEED-ND as a guideline for expanding this property and improving our town Host a design charrette in which development ideas are brainstormed and outlined by the town, the developer, and involved community members Suggest that the developer eliminate the Public Improvement Fee that would weigh heavily on the pocketbooks of Carbondale families and in the minds of voters The Editor of the Sopris Sun
The Chamber of Commerce
Board of Trustees
Say Yes to Carbondale
Locals for Smarter Growth
The editor of the RFHS Rampage Public Facebook page for further local awareness This presentation! •It can be observed that there is a desire for environmentally friendly and community oriented growth to improve and match both the character and culture of Carbondale. •It would help develop the ideas the community wants to see for the land, combined with the town’s approval and the desired LEED-ND standards •The factor of the PIF tax created a huge deficit in voters and appeared to be the one of the main reasons the original VCR proposal was turned down. Why we believe using LEED-ND as an inspiration is beneficial: Why we believe using a Design Charette in the development process would be beneficial: Why we believe that the PIF should be removed: Our action plan aims to convey the message of smart growth and the enhancement of the town of Carbondale, while also properly conveying the needs and desires of the majority of voters. AND..... Our Policy Why Our Policy? Steps Being Taken The policy is our goal...
The action plan is how we intend to achieve it! Action Plan •LEED-ND will appeal to both supporters and opponents of the VCR plan because it is more efficient and focuses on greener energy uses for the proposed development.
•LEED-ND will satisfy the opponents of VCR who feared a city-like development that washed out the energy efficient standards of the community.
•It would strongly influence voters who worry that the development is solely in the hands of outside developers with no insight to the local life of Carbondale •Eliminating the PIF will not only relieve potential consumers, but will also satisfy the large demographic of voters who voted against VCR solely because of the 1% tax increase. Letters to: STEP (Small town enhancement plan) LEED-ND (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development -Having neighborhoods be more dense/ compact with interconnected streets.
This basically means having a Main St. type of design where the buildings aren’t pushed back by a huge parking lots.
"Main St. type of design"(goes W/ pic)

-L.E.E.D-ND uses smart growth to help improve the community and it's residents by having a more compact/ interconnected neighborhood I.

-A LEED-ND based infrastructure of development can include but is not limited to: grid line patterns, sidewalks, bike racks, limited car use, and plenty of mixed use developments.

L SMART GROWTH encourages bicycles and walking instead of motor vechicles
- The town of Telluride purchased the 573 acre valley floor and placed a conservation easement on it. Now it is used locally as open land.

-In three months, the town raised $50 million. Their were over 1,600 contributors from 45 different states and 7 different countries.

-The VCR land is estimated as less than $9 million. -Buying the land could give us the opportunity to make our own decision for what could be done with it. Possible options are:

Conservation Easement: No developing.

Grid Plot: Sell smaller sections to local businesses and home owners to influence slow growth.

Issues: If we bought the land as a town, then we would still have the issue of deciding what to do with it. Telluride Precedent:
How would it help:
(Telluride Colorado) Drive in Movie Theater
-A drive in movie theater would be a fun thing to do for everyone in the town. The large percentage of baby boomers wish to do activities they did when they were young- a drive in movie theater is a perfect reminder of the old times and a great way to entertain today’s youth. A paintball arena would be a fun outdoor activity for this town.It encourages youth from all across the valley to visit carbondlae and bring in revenue. Paintball Arena "Small Town Feel" Design Charrette

-many opinions are heard
-the communities ideas and values are reflected
-save time and money
-helps avoid later redesigning

-could be difficult to agree
-may never go into effect Reasons for Leed-ND This is an example of a L.E.E.D-N.D. Certified Project that envelops the idea of smart growth, and is being developed over a period of time. -Promoting an array of green building and green infrastructure practices, particularly more efficient energy and water use. -The design charrette is a policy that includes the collaboration of citizens, town council members, developers, planning and zoning commissioners and architects.

-The development was unanimously agreed upon, but unfortunately, the plan was put into action four years later, which made the plan sound ancient.

-The design charrette is a meeting that would give many different people the opportunity to get their ideas and opinion heard and considered.

-This will enable the townspeople to get their voices in the development process and allow the town to reconsider the outcome of the development. Design Charette:
PIF stands for Public Improvement Fee
The reason why having no PIF would benefit our policy:
-it was one of the main reasons why people turned down VCR,

-the lower income families were paying more for it than anyone else because they spend 20-25% of their income on food.
-people were and still are reeling from the economy and right now is NOT the time to put an extra tax on things.

-Would have been in place for over two decades and resulted in over 5 million dollars being raised.

-In using LEED N-D we won’t need it primarily for road maintenance like we would have for VCR which proposed a roundabout (which costs one million dollars to make) and several parking lots (which cost roughly 4,000 dollars to make).
-might turn off developer but he’s getting a guaranteed yes so that will outweigh the fact that he’ll be paying for it.

-will unite the towns people, who’s going to disagree to not increasing taxes? It united the townspeople because everyone was pretty opposed to it. It’s a uniting factor.

-essentially is the icing on the cake, this place is going to be green, everyone will get their say, and no one will have to pay taxes.
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