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No description

Fransel Laurence De Leon

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Doodle

Personality is composed of: ID:
the unconscious, present at birth, based on instinct, selfish, energy, drives, and pleasure principle. EGO Theory of Personality Sigmund Freud ID EGO SUPER-EGO Sigmund Freud believed that our
personality is composed of
three major systems: Each has its own functions
but all interact to govern
behaviour. Let us now use a scenario to put the three together : id, ego, and superego.

Let’s say John wanted a handphone very much but he does not have the money. The id, based on pleasure principle, being selfish and impulsive would say: The ego, which is the conscious self or John himself, would based on reality principle and think to himself: One day during recess, he went back to class to get something.

Suddenly, he saw Mary’s school bag unzipped and her handphone was visible.

The three system is now “talking” to John: The superego, which is our conscience, the moral part of right versus wrong, would say: So students, if John really took the handphone, which two “won”?
Id, ego, or superego?

What if John decides to walk away and did not take the phone, who “won”?
Id, ego, or superego? Super-Ego Guides the id to be realistic, the reality principle and makes an appropriate decisions. A person's conscience, rules and regulations, judges from right and wrong. Let us try to understand more about..... I hoped this scenario has helped you understand the concept better.Let’s summarize.... Thank you!
See you next lesson.
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