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P3 describe how two business are organized

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JordanJames White

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of P3 describe how two business are organized

What this presentation is about
Types of structures and why businesses have them.

Include organisation chart and summary of functional areas.


Definition of organisation

In this presentation am going to be talking about 2 organizations. I will be discussing the benefits/purposes of the structure of the organizations.
One of the organisations i will be talking about is Westminster Kings way College. This is one of London colleges for young people or older people who are behind their generation.
By function : arranging the business according to what each section or department does.
By area: geographical or regional structure.
By product groups or activity:organising according to the different products made.
By customer: where different customer groups have different needs.
By process: where products have to go through stages as they are made.


The benefits of the organisational structure is having charts for each organisation to know the heirachy in each company. Also having different structure such as function where the business is arranged to what it sells, and by process where products have to go through stages as they are made.
This is group of people who is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals to help the business succeed. They all have different roles and different abilities needed to complete their tasks.
by Jordan James White And Babiker Abdalla.
P3 describe how two business are organized

Tesco is a Public Limited British global grocery and general merchandise retailer. its the world 3rd largest retailer with stores in 12 countries in asia, europe and north america.
All businesses have a structure because
they have to organise they do and make a clear structure which makes it easier for them to see which part of the business does what. There are many to structure a business such as by function, area and product groups or activity.

Here is a example
of WKC organisational
Tall Structure
Tall structure is a form of organisation where there is a bigger expanse among the greater and minor stages inside the hierarchy. This includes a lengthier series of knowledge and usually, a thinner period of control.
I will be explaining how a businesses style of organisation helps them achive their targets.
Dis-advantages : Workforces remain less enthused which makes certain organizations lack origination.
Choice making is unhurried because the authorisation has to be occupied from the upper authorities.
Lastly fewer benefits and rewards are set to the staffs in the tall administrative structures which discourage the staffs.

Advantages: Advantages: there remains a near directorial control because of the short span of managers. Furthermore there is supplementary authoritative structure so the roles and responsibilities are obviously clear. Additionally, in a tall structure the liable individual is forever liable to the greater authorities.

Tesco exists because they want to have compititon around them and take new challenges along the way. They also want to sell items to make a profit and to make sure people are happy when they purchase items.

Their mission statement is "To be acknowledged by our customers as the premier drilling services company."
"Plan to ‘Build a Better Tesco’ on track
with improvements made to our offer
and more to come in 2014/15"
"Strong progress in our online grocery
business with sales growing by 12.8%"
Smart objectives
A few smart objectives are:
"To increase profit by 10% in the next nine months"
"To expand stores in europe by 2016"
Business strategies
Specific strategies need to be in place if Tesco want to achieve their objective e.g. marketing campaigns to attract more customers, new people need to be employed in certain departments.
A company is divided into 4 categories: by area, by function, by product type and by customer type.
Why organisational style?
It improves customer service by function, they can get more sales in asia by area, attract more business customers by customer type and move business towards LED lamps by product type.
WKC mission statement
The mission of Westminster Kingsway College is to support all of its students in realising their
ambitions as learners within a diverse and fully inclusive educational community.
"We aim to maximise the potential for learning and achievement of each student. Westminster Kingsway College is committed to widening participation and lifelong learning."
Main functional areas of wkc
Human resources: Responsible for hiring, applicant tracking, skills development and tracking, benefits administration and compliance with associated government regulations.
Finance: The finance department is incharge of tuition fees, international fees and bursary.
Example of Tesco Organisational structure
P4 Explain how their style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purposes.P4 Explain how their style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purposes.
How their structures help them achieve their goals
Wkc has two vice principals at the kings cross centre, one who is incahrge of 14-19 year old pathways and the other vice principal is in charge of adult pathways. It makes it a lot easier to achieve their goals because the college is split into two categories. By dividing the college, teachers become experts in their roles because they don't have to focus on one big picture. 14-19 year olds behave differently to adults and adults are funded differently. Teaching strategies are also different.
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