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Swimming Pool Math

No description

Eileen Fink

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Swimming Pool Math

Materials we will need
You can use a variety of tools and technology

Lets watch a few videos so that we can understand the mathematics involved in calculating how many gallons of water fit into a pool
Using several tools

Lets do the math several ways
Lets take what we know and figure out how much water we will need to fill our pool
Extension exercises
Universal Design-
Swimming Pool Math
Presented by Eileen Fink

Every day, people use math at work. We will look at the geometry of swimming pools in order to solve some basic geometric equations. Using a variety of tools
Here is a video of how people use technology at work
Tape measure
Google calculator
Talking scientific calculator
YouTube videos
Work sheet
Lets figure out the volume of the pool.
We will need to use different tools, but your
cellphone most likely has a calculator which you
can use to find out how many gallons fit into the pool!
lets create some pools using universal design. Think about design ideas and create a pool that every one can go to. Keep in mind, if you want a diving board, one area of the pool must be 13 ft. deep.
Lets figure perimeter using the Google calculator-or a smart phone the perimeter now try it on the talking calculator.
Work in groups and try all of the problems using more than one tool. Discuss the tools you liked using, and why you preferred some over others
Taking calculator
We will look at the answers we got, and help everyone find a solution to the problem
"The design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible"

Lets start by looking at several pools around
the world, using Google Earth
Share your pool design and measurements
School standard
Content area; Mathematics
Shapes, dimensions, and geometric relationships
2.) Concepts of similarity are fundamental to geometry
Watch the video, and do practice questions
Applications for this lesson plan
1.) Content: To get the class to experiment with new technologies

2.) Pedagogy- Using group work activities to Keep students on task for Common Core math standard
3.) Using instructional videos of different types to see where the students are in their understanding.
4.) Content: Explain what the students are doing, and how the technology can help them explore the topic.
5.) Use assessment data (skill and drill section of Khan academy website) to look for opportunities for further practice.
6.) Use extension for collaboration, understanding and the concept of universal design.
The first thing we will do is input our measurements Use the calculator on your phone, or Google calculator , You can use the talking calculator on the IPad as well.
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Perrite Polymer Technology at Work
Mike Bish

to fill a pool with water, we
will need to calculate the
volume of the pool
60 Feet
52 Feet
55 Feet
16 Feet
20 Feet
20 Feet
15 Feet
56 Feet
To make the calculations easy, we can
break the pool into three rectangles like
I can use technology at work to make things easier for example- using a the calculator to measure the pool. For a perfect swimming pool, it helps if I know exactly how much water is in the pool so I can make measurements for chemicals.
assuming the pool is 4 Feet deep at all points, we can start to calculate how many gallons will be needed to fill it up, otherwise known as the Volume
15ft (length) x 20 ft (width) x 4ft (depth)
use your phone calculator!
=1,200 cubic feet
Section 1 of 3
Section 2 of 3
75ft (l) x 36ft (w) x 4ft (d)
=10800 cubic feet
section 3 of 3
20ft (w) x 16 ft (l) x 4ft (d)
=1280 cubic feet
section 1 (1200 ft) +
section 2 (10800 cubic ft) +
section 3 (1280 cubic ft) =

13280 cubic feet!
1 cubic foot can fit 7.48 Gallons of water in it!
So if we want to fill the pool completely, we will need over 99,334 gallons of water!
This olympic sized pool needs
over 660,000 Gallons to fill it up!
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