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Deciduous Forest

Science Project

blake fox

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Deciduous Forest

Deciduous Forest
Grizzly Bear
50% usually in the winter-below freezing receive30-60 in. of rain each year and are ranked second as the rainiest biome.
in the deciduous forest there are a wide range of trees
and plants grow with no nurturing or care and are fed with natural waters, soils, and fertilizer(manure)

Plants and Trees
There are 4 seasons in the deciduous forest which are all experienced in Indiana. the leaves change with the seasons such as in the fall the leaves turn to colors such as red,orange,and brown.
the forest experiences flooding, twisters,and thunder storms.
these occur frequently and can Spread to populated areas.
Black bears are the most common
in the deciduous forest the main vegetation (plants)
is the blue Lilly and the passion berry.
Although there are many other types these are the main types.
in the deciduous forest there are many trees that carry flowers on there branches .
bear in North America. They typically live in forest.They also are very good tree climbers.
The average live span of a black bear is about 20 years.THe black bears main prey is fish.They also eat tons of plants. Which makes them in omnivore.
Great Owl
Tawny Owl
There are a large amount of owls.The two most common
species are the Great Owl and the Barred Owl. There main
prey is mice, snakes, and fish. The owls scientific name is is Strigiformes. They say the Barred Owls call sounds like Who cooks for you?
Gray Wolf
The fossa is an exotic predator that dwells in the deciduous forest and feeds on the small lemurs,rodents,and other animals that they can get there paws on.
Although this animal looks like a cat house cat it resembles a black panther.

Consumers are any animal species or plant species that can not make its own food and hunts down another animal or plant to sustain life and not starve.
A prey is any animal that is hunted by another for food.
This class of organisms is held by anything because eventually decomposer end the life cycle.
The tawny owl is a small creature that feasts on small long tailed mice,Voles,and other small rodents. This owl can range from 330-470 grams which compared to owls like the great horned owl is small.
The gray wolf is a vicious predator that although does not attack humans is very deadly to all of its prey.
The gray wolf is eligible for a bigger game category because of its ways to travel in big packs.
The gray wolf has ancestors of african wolves and wolves from various continents but the gray wolf dwells in the deciduous

More Facts
Consumers in the deciduous forest range from sizes of a grizzly bear all the way down to a cute red panda
cause a complicated food chain because every animal has competition.
Fun Facts
A producer is anything that can make food for its self. for example
1.fur tree
2.hemlock tree
3.magnolia shrub
4.sweet gum shrub
5.lichen plant
these can all make food for them selves without moving.

1.The leaves of deciduous trees change color in the fall since they stop producing chlorophyll.
2.Some insects lay eggs before winter so they lay eggs before they die.
Red Panda
A predator is any animal that hunts anything for food.
Some of the commonly known predators are carnivores which is any animal that only eats meat.
Examples include:
1.Tawny Owls
3.Red Panda
4.Grey Wolf
They can not make there own food, so they hunt for food.
logic size
The Red Panda is normally close
to a house cats size.But to add on they have a 18in. tale. The Red Pandas favorite food is bamboo just like his Black and White cousins
Predators hunt there prey which is probably smaller unless it travels in a pack.
The size in the wilderness does matter in survival
Eastern Chipmunk
Flooding occurs after a heavy rain which the deciduous forest gets.
Rain looks harmless but can wipe away trees and other strong forest creatures that drown and over water wildlife.
Usually are hunted for food by a greater animal and are also a predator as long as a prey and can also not be a predator.Most prey are not able to defend to attack.
The eastern chipmunk is
a prey. It's main predator
is the Bald Eagle.
The eastern chipmunk is
one of the most common preys in the diciduous forest
Location of Deciduous Forest
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