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Group Ava

No description

Mike Graham

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Group Ava

Seed Producers
Meaning: Animals that have backbones
Meaning: Animals without backbones
Nonvascular Plants
Meaning: The largest group of Invertebrates
meaning: Plants that Pass Water and Nutrients
from Cell to Cell)
An example of a nonvascular plant:
Vascular Plants
Meaning: Plants that have Tubelike Structures
Three Examples of Vascular Plants:

Bamboo, Ferns, and Wildflower
Group Ava
Animals that have vertebrates:
fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals
Meaning: What something looks or acts like
A dog is really soft and furry.
Ohio is like Michigan because they are both states within the United States.
Some types of flowers that produce seeds: roses, sunflowers, tulips, and dandelions.
Animals that are Invertebrate:
Jellyfish, Sea Stars, Dragonflies, Sponges,
Mollusks, Spiders, Crabs, and Earthworms
Some Examples of Arthropods:

Insects , Spiders, Crabs, and Shrimp
meaning: Plants with Cones that are Vascular Plants
Two examples of Conifers are:
Long-Leaf Pine and the Red Cedar Plant
Hope you enjoyed the project by Ava, Erica, Caleb, Gracie, and Austin :)
When you are outside next time, make sure you
to see if there is a vascular, seed producer, nonvascular, conifer, or an arthopod plant. If you come across an animal decide if it is a vertebrate or non-vertebrate.
Two examples of classifying:
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