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K, Kelley - Simon - 6th

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of K, Kelley - Simon - 6th

Simon, by Kirby Kelley
Physical Description for Simon
On page 24, we see the narator describe simon; "He was a skiny, vivid boy". Simon can also possibly have Epileptic Seizures as he faints during many parts of the book including page 20 "He's always throwing a faint"
1st action
On page 30, "When Simon mentioned his hunger, the others noticed theirs". I believe this is the most important action because when he reminds everyone that they are hungry, they gather food to surive on the island
2nd action
On page 58, “We used his specs,” said Simon, smearing a black cheek with his forearm.
“He helped that way.”
This is the 2nd most important action because in this action he speaks up for Piggy when Jack makes fun of him.
3rd action
On page 24, "I'll come". Simon volunters to come on the quest to explore the island. I placed this as the least important because anyone could come, simon just decided to volunteer.

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