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year 18

No description

John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of year 18

Ariana migrate to California
It was the year 1849 and rumo of gold is too much to hardly.It is with great excitement and sadness that l leave for California to reach the goldfields and strike it rich.
year 1849
Ln Mexico they have to ride there bull down town.It is hard to ride a bull . The name for the bout is call lady Wilma.
year 1848
Year 1854
l an now in Texas and my birthday has passed l am now 25.l am excited to ride a bull it is so hard to ride a bull because they run so hard that people can die because they are big.
year 1849
It been a long time because lady Wilma ride a big bout it was so old.The bout is call lady Wilma because it is so old that it can break in the water.
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