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Baily Tunstall

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of LOVE

Biological basis of love
Evolutionary psychology has proposed several explanations for love. Human infants and children are dependent on parental help. Love has therefore been seen as a mechanism to promote mutual parental support of children for an extended time period.
Forming Bonds Outside the Family
It’s not necessarily what you say...
Psychologists have shown that it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you are interested in someone.
Research has shown this has little to do with what is said, rather
55% is through body language
38% is the tone and speed of their voice
Only 7% is through what they say
Dr. Helen Fisher
(Biological Anthropologist)
The Science of Love
She is a Research Professor
Chief Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site, Chemistry.com, a division of Match.com.
She has written five books on the evolution and future of human sex, love, marriage, gender differences in the brain and how your personality type shapes who you are and who you love.
The 3 Stages of Love
Stage 1: Lust
Stage 2: Attraction
Scientists think that three main neurotransmitters are involved in this stage; adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin
This is the first stage of love and is driven by the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen – in both men and women.

Stage 3: Attachment
Attachment is the bond that keeps couples together long enough for them to have and raise children. Scientists think there might be two major hormones involved in this feeling of attachment; oxytocin and vasopressin.
Mason, Baily, Janelle & Falyn
What is love ?
What are some differences between love, dating, and friendships?

What does dating mean?
Stages of Dating
Online Dating
- Dating for fun
- Dating to see
- Dating to decide
Making a decision about marriage
- Dating after marriage
4 Levels of Friendship
1. Acquaintance

2. Casual Friendship

3. Close Friendship

4. Intimate Friendship
Brian Bigelow & John La Gaipa
studies of a "best friend"
480 children between the ages of 6-14 years
Three stages of development in friendship expectations
Thomas J. Berndt
Look for prosocial behavior, intimacy, and other positive features
Troubled by friendships that are high in conflict, dominance, rivalry, and other negative features
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