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McDonalds in Germany

No description

Sabawon Stanikzai

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of McDonalds in Germany

german culture
Main religion is Christianity, the belief in Jesus Christ, a man who lived 2000 years ago

The second largest religion is Islam

Followed by Buddhism and Judaism
Marketing Strategies

Hamburger Royal TS
Caesar salads

Main language: Standard German (95%)

Other language include: English, Turkish, Kurdish, Russian and more.
Public schools in Germany are maintained and paid for by the government
Preschool or kindergarten is optional, but most children do attend either or both.
Mandatory to attending primary after a child has turned six
Primary school is for 4 to 6 years
They are three types of Secondary school with different academic standards
The three type are Gymnasium, Realschule, Hauptschule and Gesamtschule
Germany has something called the “Quiet Hours” usually spanning from 1 pm to 3pm. This means that there must be no noise such as lawn mowers, construction, revving a car engine, and shouting. Little stuff like vacuuming is okay, but discouraged in apartments.
You must be 16 or over to drink
You must be 21 and over to get your diving license

Germany is high in green energy, such as fuel efficient cars, solar panels, and wind turbines. McDonalds would be successful by transitioning into saving their energy.
Combo meal are € 6.50
Big Mac are € 2.99
McBagutte are € 3.99
McWrap Meal are € 5.99
Small Mcflurry are € 2.50
Not much different than Canada, usually on the sides of busy roads, mall, airport and others.
McDonald’s in Germany advertises by having events such as Junior's Club, FIFA “Kick the Trash” into a garbage can, and a “Children Sports Club” for Olympic Games.

How could you make the legendary big tasty even better? Yes, with Bacon of course! And so there is this Burger with a delicious Weizenbrötchen with coating of sesame seeds, succulent beef, crispy bacon, cheese preparation with Emmental cheese, fruity tomato slices, crispy iceberg lettuce, white onions, and spicy smoky sauce for those who like to have spicy like it. Tasty!

The smoky big tasty Bacon, spicy big classic cheese or also the spicy chicken wings make for a hearty visit with us. But only for a short time!

Finally they are back! With the new McFlurrys, you get together with your favorite ice cream your favorite chocolate. Simply delicious.

Whether McWrap, McBaguette, beef or chicken, Thai or Italian style - the choice is yours! With our new fresh duo at McDonald's we offer you immediately a delicious McBaguette or a delicious McWrap + 4l soft drink in 6 variants. Whether on the road or in the restaurant - enjoy it.

There's fun, action and entertainment for you and the children also:
- regular club and even birthday post
- great surprises and super sweepstakes
- Information about McDonald's and other topics
- cool puzzles, games and handicraft tips

All waiting under 6 years, the Junior Club on 6-9-year-old and the j-club on 10-13 year old in the family Club on families with children. And the best thing is: the membership is absolutely free.
You're the best "waste away" idea? The funniest kick? The coolest trick? Then nothing as ran to the camera and: "warning shot!" We are looking for the funniest and most inventive ways to let land waste in the bin.

From 27 March to 8 may you can apply with your own video in the YouTube channel of McDonald's. World ultimate fan package get the jackpot, the FIFA and football go to the quarter-finals of the FIFA-World Cup Brazil ™. Or secure the chance to win one of 99 other sensational Football Awards.

So McDonald's children's and young people enthusiastic for years with actions for more sport in everyday life: around the world, as partners of FIFA and UEFA and at the Olympic Games, national as a partner of the DFB and the German national team, as well as locally at the football club based in the neighborhood.
Internal Competition
They added beer in their menu
McDonald's added the “Kick the Trash”
Changing the classic yellow-on-red design to yellow-on-green
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