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Survival Scenario - Lord of the Flies

A pre-reading activity for Lord of the Flies. I adapted this from another Prezi to make it more user-friendly for my class.

Eric Williams

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Survival Scenario - Lord of the Flies

As a group, identify the five most important tasks and rank them accordingly. Examples include (you can choose others):
locate food
find/create shelter
build a raft
chop wood
manage a fire
fishing for food
signal for help
Step 1: Priorities
Step 2: Leadership
You have to determine who will be your leader. What values does your society prefer? Choose 3 and rank them.
Step 3: Law & Order
Wha't is a society without rules? Write down 7-10 rules that you and your fellow survivors will have to follow.
Examples include:
No murder
No stealing
Requirements to contribute
Did you assign someone to find or build shelter? If you did not, 10 people died during the tropical storm.
Survival Scenario
You are traveling in an airplane with 99 other school aged kids. The plane crashes in the ocean and you and the other kids wash ashore. No adults. Nothing to salvage. You have no idea where the island is on a map and no idea when, or if, you will be rescued. It is your task to establish a society to govern yourselves and survive.
Physical Strength
Step 4: Assign Responsibilities
Remember you have 100 people who need jobs assigned to them. A person can only do ONE job. Your assigned totals should equal 100. The tasks to assign are the tasks you chose in step 1. Example:

Build/Find shelter (20 people)
Find drinking water (35 people)
Build a fire (10 people)
Find food (30 people)
Build a raft (5 people)
A tropical storm hits your island. Do you survive?
You need food to survive, so how much food did you stockpile?
If you had 0-19 people finding food; 20 people died.
If you had 20-29 people finding food; 10 people died.
If you had 30-39 people finding food; 5 people died.
If you had 40 or more people finding food; nobody died.
Did you choose Charisma or Integrity as your #1 choice and not have Intelligence as your 2nd or 3rd? If so, 10 people died.

If you had Intelligence as a 2nd or 3rd trait, then 8 people died.
Did you choose Ambition, Assertiveness, Friendliness, Physical Strength or Tenacity as your primary trait without Intelligence as your second or thirds? If so, 20 people died from poor leadership.

If you had Intelligence as a 2nd or 3rd, then 15 people died.
Did you choose Intelligence and not have Integrity or Charisma as your 2nd or 3rd choice? If so, 5 people died.

If you had Charisma or Integrity as a 2nd or 3rd trait then 1 person died. C'mon, nobody is perfect.
Did you assign the task of signaling for help?

If yes, a plane spots your signal
and you are rescued.

If no, you are stranded on the
Wait? Don't We Get Rescued?
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