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Communty Libraries in Brazil

Final project for LIBR 562 - School of Library, Archives and Information Studies, University of British Columbia

Ana C

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Communty Libraries in Brazil

in Brazil

Biblioteca Comunitária Maria das Neves (Biblioteca do Paiaiá)
Nova Soure, Bahia
Created by professor Geraldo Prado in 2001, in a garage
The biggest rural library in the world
62,000 books, 2,000 audiovisual materials, periodicals
2,000 rare books, including first Spanish edition of Karl Marx's
and its French edition of 1732.
Recife, Pernambuco
The metropolitan region of Recife (the capital of Pernambuco state) consists of two other municipalities: Jaboatão and Olinda.

6 public libraries (4 in Recife, 1 in Olinda, 1 in Jaboatão)
2.5 million people
11 community libraries

(Rede de Bibliotecas Comunitárias de Recife, n.d.)
Florianopolis, Santa Catarina
Started in 2007 with 4 community libraries
In 2013, there are 9 libraries in the network
In 2010:
Reached 15,000 people
Circulated 25,000 books
Collection: 40,000 books, half of them are donations (including donations from government agencies)
Source: http://releiturape.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/recordar-e-viver-feliz-2013/
Source: Fischer, R. http://releiturape.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/pero-leva-a-leitura-aonde-a-crianca-esta/
Source: http://barcadoslivros.org/
Releitura PE
90% of the area of the municipality is in an island
The only public library is in the continental part of the city
430,000 inhabitants, 10% live in the continental Florianopolis
At least 4 community libraries in the island
(Madella & Souza, 2012)
Started in 2007 as a boat full of books.
The library has partnerships with municipal, state and federal government, as well as with non-governmental organizations.
They offer storytelling sessions, author visits, school visits. It is a cultural space for the community.
Barca dos Livros
Barca dos Livros in numbers
From 2007 to 2012:
3900 registered patrons
48,900 circulation
11,000 catalogued works (3,000 pending processing)
(Maciel, 2012)
5,565 municipalities
4,763 public libraries
190.732,694 inhabitants

(Fundação Getúlio Vargas, 2010; IBGE, 2010)
Over 1,000 municipalities in Brazil (20%) do not have a public library
(Fundação Getúlio Vargas, 2010)
Average: 40,000 users per library
Majority of public libraries are concentrated in the southern region of the country
26,000 users
per public library
Over 1.5 million users
per public library
Public libraries in Brazil
296 items circulated per month (90 in the North region, 421 in the Southeast region)
4.2 staff
48% are library trained professionals
Poor infrastructure: 35% of libraries do not have public computers; over half of them have no internet access
83% of the collection is donated, only 17% is purchased
44% of them do not offer any programming
Most users come to the library for school/academic research, only 8% come for recreational purposes
(Fundação Getúlio Vargas, 2010)
“Due to the action of the professionals in public libraries, added to its image of a distant, rigid and serious place, the library was marginalized in the society and became isolated in its physical and bureaucratic limitations.”
(Machado & Vergueiro, 2010)
by Ana Calabresi

LIBR 562 International Issues and Innovations
November, 2013

(Machado & Vergueiro, 2010)
Community Libraries
(Melo, 2011; Targino, 2012; OSCIP, n.d.)
Approval rates in school increased in 20%

community participation
partnerships with local government
Source: http://rbbconexoes.ning.com/photo/photo/listForContributor?screenName=18gdgcdtn8wcd
Source: http://rbbconexoes.ning.com/photo/biblioteca-do-paiai-nova-fachada-1
350 community libraries in 2008 (Machado, 2008)
446 community libraries in 2011 (Machado, 2011)
Source: http://barcadoslivros.org/
the community, not only
Social responsibility
Secluded regions
Not necessarily linked to or supported by the government
community participation is low
lack of expertise in creating partnerships
legal aspects
Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas (Public Libraries National System, by the National Library Foundation)

Rede Brasil de Bibliotecas Comunitárias (Brazilian Network of Community Libraries)
Fundação Getúlio Vargas. (2010).
Censo nacional das bibliotecas públicas municipais
. Retrieved from http://cenpec.org.br/biblioteca/educacao/estudos-e-pesquisas/censo-nacional-das-bibliotecas-publicas-municipais

Vicenzi, C., & Piacentini, T. (2013).
Barca dos Livros.
[pdf sent via e-mail by Barca dos Livros]

IBGE. (2010).
Censo demográfico 2010
. Retrieved from

Maciel, A. (2012).
Barca dos Livros: Institucional 2012.
Sociedade Amantes da Leitura. http://issuu.com/alinerazzeramaciel/docs/barca_dos_livros_institucional2012?e=3949114/1691777

Machado, E. (2011).
Sistema nacional de bibliotecas públicas
. Retrieved from

Machado, E.C., Prado, G. M., Silva, A. A., Lira, K, & Tadashi, K. (n.d.).
The “Rede Brasil de Bibliotecas Comunitarias”: A space for sharing information and building new knowledge
. Retrieved from http://eprints.rclis.org/18653/1/RBBC_spaceforsharing.pdf

Machado, E. C., & Vergueiro, W. (2010). Bibliotecas comunitárias como prática social no Brasil.
CRB-9 Digital, 3
(1), 3-11.

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Em Questão, 18
(1), 171-195.

Melo, A. (2011).
Gigante do sertão
. Retrieved from http://www.revistadehistoria.com.br/secao/em-dia/gigante-do-sertao

Biblioteca Comunitária Maria das Neves Prado
. Retrieved from https://www.sites.google.com/site/obcmnp/home

Releitura Bibliotecas Comunitarias em Rede Recife, PE. (n.d.)
Ao nosso redor
. Retrieved from http://releiturape.wordpress.com/nosso-ao-redor/

Targino, R. (2012).
Mestre Alagoinha
. Retrieved from http://biblioo.info/mestre-alagoinha/
Biblioteca Mundo do Saber, Belo Horizonte, MG
Source: http://rbbconexoes.ning.com/photo/photo/show?id=4489276%3APhoto%3A9577
Biblioteca do Cristal, Porto Alegre, RS
Source: http://www.bibliotecasdobrasil.com/2013/09/os-multiplos-brilhos-da-biblioteca.html
Espaço Cultural Nossa Biblioteca, Belém, PA
Source: http://rbbconexoes.ning.com/photo/photo/show?id=4489276%3APhoto%3A53123
Biblioteca Solano Trindade, Duque de Caxias, RJ
Source: http://rbbconexoes.ning.com/photo/photo/show?id=4489276%3APhoto%3A1430
Brechoteca, São Paulo, SP
Source: http://rbbconexoes.ning.com/photo/photo/show?id=4489276%3APhoto%3A50665
“The biggest reason for the creation of such spaces is the lack of access to books and literacy, that is, the lack of public spaces for these activities.”
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