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Aviation Psychologist

Ms. Cook Psychology Period 4A

Eli Haraldsson

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Aviation Psychologist

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com In order to become an aviation psychologist you must go through is to get an official university degree (Masters) in psychology to be applicable to work independently in your own practice, a B.S. Degree in Human Factors Psychology, you have to have your degree in aviation psychology accredited by the APA , and three years or a minimum of 3000 working hours in the aviation psychology field or in the military field doing the same thing as well.

An Aviation psychologist is the study of flight crew and pilot behavior with the intentions of maintaining flight safety. You have to be knowledgeable in aviation work and psychology. A typical day in the job would be either in an airport conference room with your own office and having several meetings with aviation officials every day. These meetings are considered sessions and every pilot has to go through many of these classes. Aviation Psychologist's clients are almost always someone going into the aviation field or are already in it. Flight crews and airline pilots have to meet with them regularly to keep themselves and the people around them safe. Aviation Psychologist
By: Eli Haraldsson Some colleges that have an aviation psychology program are: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and not many other colleges that specifically give you a choice to take the program as an aviation psychologist. The military offers programs as well to being an aviation psychologist to deal with combat ready pilots and pilots in the military branches. Some of the best colleges in the Psychology field are Stanford, UNC-Chapel Hill, Princeton, Yale, and the University of Columbia. The salary of an average aviation psychologist is more or less than around $87,000 per year. This is known to be one of the best money making jobs in today's economy because it is so stable in being such a reliable and mandatory part of every pilot and flight crews' life. The job outlook by when i enter the career field is going to be in more demand than it already is because every pilot and flight crew has to be evaluated and have sessions from their stressful jobs as pilots. The development of new technology and equipment requires understanding of how the human interacts with different scenarios. This job will be in extremely high demand because there are so many pilots but very little aviation psychologists, and remember that every pilot in the United States has to go through sessions with these psychologists to help eliminate stress in their workplace which is being a pilot/flight crew. Therefore, this job will be in high demand in 10 years or less. List of sources:
http://www.aviationpsychology.net/ European Association for Aviation Psychology International Symposium on Aviation Psychology
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