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Introduction to opera (using PPT slides by Patty Oeste to create new Prezi)

Betsy Zenk

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Opera

There are SO MANY parts that make up an opera! Opera is the most extensive and expensive art form today. THE LIBRETTO and LIBRETTISTS A strange word for people who have great imaginations and write terrific stories that are made into musical performances. THE COMPOSER OH, YEAH! The one that writes the actual music, based on the libretto. Sometimes, he or she will even change the story a bit! THE CHORUS The many actors and actresses that portray large scenes with their voices that were set by the composer based on the libretto. They get to carry spears around. They have to make sure NOT to trip over the prompter’s box. THE ORCHESTRA A group of musicians that play the music that the composer wrote based on the libretto. Orchestral players are buried in the pit. It is deep and dark and smells funny. THE CONDUCTOR The BOSS – and don’t you EVER FORGET IT. He or she tells everybody when they sing, play, eat, sleep – well, you get the idea. THE CHOREOGRAPHER The boss of the dancers who doesn’t even dance. He stands nervously backstage and gets exercise by pacing back and forth as he watches his dancers. Once in a while, the beautiful and elegant dancers appear on stage. They usually always move in packs, kind of like wolves. THE STAGE DIRECTOR This is truly the person who runs the show. He or she is the one that has deep, dark rings under their eyes. Their job is to tell EVERYONE what to do and to worry that none of it will work. AAAHHHHHH!!! The Scenery! Expensive, but beautiful and usually thrown out after the show is over! The artists that make the scenery spend months on it. They have to paint and build and design and decorate and make it look real. But if you look from backstage – it is REALLY AWFUL. There are only bars and metal and wood and canvas. THE COSTUMES PROPS Down a deep dark tunnel, in a creepy, spooky room are rows and rows and rows of THINGS! Swords, cups, trays, guns, ropes, balls, fireworks – YOU NAME IT. It is the prop room. The props are the items the singers use to make the play look more real. LIGHTING The lighting people make sure that the audience can see the action. Don’t EVER make the lighting crew mad, or you may suddenly find yourself singing in the dark! Costumes are made by professional sewers. First, they draw a picture of what they want, then they pick out fabric and cut it to fit on a mannequin. Then they call in the singers for a try-on. Costumes come in all shapes and sizes! They can be modern or old fashioned. PUBLICITY These are the people who get the word out about the upcoming production. They also make the program including the synopsis (plot) and the cast.
The actors and actresses who use their voices to sing the music the composer writes based on the libretto. And yes, it is always memorized. And if you forget??? There is someone whose job it is to shout your words at you. They sit in a little box under the stage – you can just see their head! They are called the prompter. What a BORING JOB! SINGERS MAKE-UP The Make-Up artists have lots to do. Sometimes they have to attach beards, or mustaches, or wigs to the singers. Then, they put on the facial make-up, including false eyelashes. YES, THE BOYS WEAR MAKE-UP TOO!!! CREW The backstage crew makes sure that sets get moved on and off and that the props are in the correct place. The whole show would fail if they weren’t there! Imagine the poor singers pushing around scenery…. I DON’T THINK SO! THE SCENERY INTRODUCTION TO THE OPERA
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