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Three Cups of Tea

No description

Rachael Eaton

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea
By: Greg Mortenson
and David O. Relin
Greg Mortenson
Born in Rochester, Minnesota in 1957
Parents are Dempsey and Jerene Mortenson
At 3 months old, he moved to Tanzania
Life in Tanzania
Started climbing career at age 11
Climbed Kilimanjaro with his father at only 11 years old!
Younger sister, Christa, had a reaction from a smallpox vaccination at 3.
Suffered from seizures and diagnosed as an epileptic
Died on July 23, 1992 from a severe seizure.
Parents were Luthern Missionaries
Together, they built the first hospital here: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center
His mother founded Moshi International School
Parents taught him to accept others how they are, no matter who they are or where they came from. Also, they taught him to put others above himself.
At age 14, he moved back to America.
Fort Wood, Missouri
Mortenson joined the army for two years after high school.
Post was in Bamberg, Germany.
University of South Dakota
Studied nursing and chemistry.
1993: Expedition of
Climbed K2 in honor of his sister, Christa.
Leaders of the exhibition: Dan Mazur, Jonathan Pratt, and Etieene Fine
Tried to rescue Fine after he climbed to fast and suffered from cerebral edema - altitude induced swelling of the brain
Scott Darsney
Daniel Mazur
Jonathan Pratt
Took the wrong path back to civilization while trying to find Darsney - ended up in Korphe instead of Askole.
Korphe, Pakistan
Lived with Haji Ali - Village Chief
In every home, 1 person had goiters or cataracts.
Children had red hair due to malnutrition (kwashiorkor)
1 out of 3 children die before their 1st birthday
Had no school because the money went towards the army. It only costs $1 per day for a teacher!
Children used sticks to write in dirt.
The more fortunate had slate boards to write on
Mortenson promised Ali that he would be back to build him a school
Mortenson was asked to join the expedition as a medic.
Back in America:
Berkeley, California
Wrote 580 letters of sponsorship on type writer
Only heard back from one!
Jean Hoerni
Scientist, climber
Gave $12,000
"Don't screw up"
Packed up everything and went back to Pakistan
Taxila, Pakistan
Drove here with Abdul Shah on the Grand Trunk Road from Rawalpindi.
This is where he would buy his cement - but first he had to have tea.
Choices of factories: Fetco, Fauji, or Askari
Fauji cement - put down a $100 deposit
Grand Trunk Road
Abdul Rauf drew up the L shape plan for the school
Lumber = greatest expense at $2300
Abduk Rauf
Back in Korphe
Haji Ali said they needed a new bridge over a school.
Jean Hoerni gave $10,000
June 1995 got cable for bridge = 284' suspension with 2, 64' towers
The bridge strengthened maternal ties.
Building the School..
Haji Ali told Mortenson to quit annoying everyone.
Must respect thier ways:
#1 cup of tea = Stranger
#2 cup of tea = Honored Guest
#3 cup of tea = Family
"Haji Ali taught me to share three cups of tea, to slow down and make building relationships as important as building projects."
Everyone came to help Mortenson finish the school.
Haji Mehdi forbid the construction of the school because it was for girls.
* Haji Ali gave him the 12 largest rams, and he permitted the building of the school.
Peshawar - 1996
The Taliban = "students of Islam", mostly teenagers
* Launched surprise attack and overtook Jalalabad
* The refugees fled along with President Najibullah
Osama Bin Laden armed attack against Americans
* "Declaration of Open Jihad on the Americans Occupying the Country of Two Sacred Places."
Pakistan black market
Had to find a body guard to travel with - Badam Gul
The Wazir people
* Underdogs
* Not loyal to either Pakistan or Afghanistan.
* Pashtuns = allied with greater tribe
* practiced = resisted the influence of the outside world
* lived by code of , , and defenses of family, treasure, or land

Part of Pakistan since 1947
Mortenson met with Haji Mirza at his house.
* woke up with a AK-47 aimed at his head
* Kidnapped by Taliban
Bozeman, Montana
CAI - Central Asia Institute base in Mortenson's basement
Received calls at 2 or 3 am from Pakistan
* Sher of Chakpo declared a against Mortenson.
Hoerni died on January 12, 1997
* Left Mortenson $22,314 for CAI
* Ashes poured of the bridge into the Braldu River
And the Fighting Begins
India overtook Kashmir, part of Pakistan
1971 - Pakistan and India agreed to the Line of Control (LOC)
April 1999 - Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif constructed the "Muslim Bomb"
Indian prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee accused of invading.
* "Freedom fighters"
May 26, 1999 - India's Air Force called into action
Known as "Kargil Conflict"
Home to Wahhabi madrassa
Wahhabism = Conservative, fundamentalist offshoot of Sunni Islam
* monotheists
* smuggle goods into Pakistan
* 4 groups - most active = Ain- Al- Yageen

Madrassa System
* Offered free room and board
* Islamic curriculum
* 80,000 madrassas = Taliban recruilts
* 15% to 20% = military training and hatred of the west
* beehives
General Pervez Musharraf elected Prime Minister
* Operated on marital law
* Cracked down on corruption
Al Qaeda killed Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance on September 9th.
Mortenson there to work on a water project
* Woken at 4:30 am on September 12, 2001 and heard about the attack in NY
Jumped into a MI-17 helicopter at 8 am and landed at Shangri-La, a fishing resort
Friday, September 14, 2001
Kuardu School finally inaugurated.
* Changazi delayed its inauguration
* Syed Abbas = featured speaker
Finished August of 1996
Planned city for the rich and powerful
Afghanistan was closed to all foreigners, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates cut the Taliban off
Root cause of all this conflict:
#1: Lack of education
#2: Rise of the Wahhabi Madrassas
October 29, 2001 - American Embassy sent letter to get out of Afghanistan!
Now that the Fighting is Done..
People danced and played music as the Taliban Left!
Every school in Kabul is damaged, only 20% of the 159 schools were functional.
Washington, DC
Mortenson met with Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld
Met with other military personal
Education is key!
Back in Pakistan for the 27th Time..
Sunday, April 16 - 34 Million copies of Mortenson's story issued in Parade Magazine
* "He Fights Terror with Books"
Received over $1 million
What the CAI Has Accomplished:
Evaluation of the Book
Very Confusing! - skipping important dates, not explaining foreign words or tribes
Why was it written?
Education is key to stop terrorism, and to tell about Mortenson's story.
Format of the Novel
The Authors
Biased - the authors clearly only stand and present what they want the reader to hear.
Literary Style
Authors' use flowery vocabulary, organized the events in an untimely manner, and really capture the attention of the readers with all the great works.
The Sources
Primary source
David Oliver Relin
Born on December 12,1962 in Rochester, New York
Parents are Lloyd and Marjorie Relin
1985 - Graduated from Vassar Collge
Career as author and editor
* Worked for "Parade" and "Skiing" Magazines
* Won more than 40 national awards
Died on November 15, 2012
November 15, 2001 - The Taliban finally start to backing out!
The Real Story
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