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What Happened In The World During 1948

A summary over many things that happended during the year of 1948.

Joe Rivera

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of What Happened In The World During 1948

January 5th
Warner Brothers shows the first color newsreel ( Rose Bowl vand Tournament of Roses Parade) What happened During 1948
By. Joe Rivera February 21
NASCAR is incorporated February 28
Bud Gartiser sets a new world record after clearing the low 50 yard hurdles in 6.8 seconds. April 1
Military forces, under direction of the Soviet-controlled government in East Germany, set-up a land blockade of West Berlin.
April 9
Massacre at Deir Yassin May 13
Arab-israeli war May 15
Egypt, Transjordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia attack Israel.

May 30
A dike along the flooding Columbia River breaks, obliterating Vanport, Oregon within minutes. Fifteen people die and tens of thousands are left homeless.

June 17
A Douglas DC-6 carrying United Air Lines Flight 624 crashes near Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, killing all 43 people on board.

July 1
Opening of New York International Airport (now known as John F. Kennedy International Airport) at Idlewild.

July 29
After a hiatus of 12 years due to the second World War, the first Summer Olympics opened in London, England. August 3
Whittaker Chambers accuses Alger Hiss of being a communist and a spy for the Soviet Union.

September 15
The F-86 Sabre sets the world aircraft speed record at 1080 km/h.

September 17
Lehi (also know as the Stern gang) assassinates Count Folke Bernadotte, who was appointed by the UN to mediate between the Arabs and Jews. October 26
Killer smog settles into Donora, Pennsylvania.

October 28
Swiss chemist Paul Müller is awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of the insecticidal properties of DDT.

October 29
Safsaf massacre November 1
Off southern Manchuria, 6,000 are killed as a Chinese merchant ship explodes and sinks.

December 12
Batang Kali Massacre, Malaysia December 26
Cardinal Mindszenty arrested in Hungary
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