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No description

Nikki Baddick

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of Webpost

The installation packages we offer:
August 2011, when it all began with GP surgeries
Since then another 121 surgeries
57 of which became customers in 2016
What we have discovered in the process
What we will achieve next year
120 new GP surgeries per year, per pair
10 deals per month and they pay for themselves
As 10 per month is achieved, the sales team can expand
Target surgeries with the most amount of patients
Prioritize the largest surgeries before the appointment setting stage
How we will make this achievable
Targeting the surgeries with the highest number of patients
A weighted commission structure
Use our current customers for referrals/ recommendations
The details
Even more details
Cold caller:

Sales Person:
And when it happens...

Where do we go from here?
In 2015 the GP customers sent 175,300 letters using Webpost
In 10 months of 2016 GP customers sent 334,570 letters using Webpost
The letters from new customers in 2016 have made £20,000 gross profit
We now have the data arranged in order of priority (thanks Emma)
The data now needs to be put in act in order for it to be allocated to cold callers. As well as updated with any relevant notes.
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