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The Affects of the Affordable Care Act

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Hannah Dobson

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The Affects of the Affordable Care Act

Healthcare Reform: The Affordable Care Act So what is the Affordable Care Act? A reform bill universally aimed at providing health insurance to the uninsured and lowering the overall cost of healthcare. Government regulated healthcare for people over 65 and others with disabilities or terminal illnesses. State regulated health insurance with some federal government aid for low income families. Independently run businesses, that provide health insurance to the public. Major changes you should know about... how much do you think the U.S. government spent on strictly
in 2010? If you had to guess, $525 Billion Medicare What is health insurance? Medicare Medicaid Private Insurance A service provided by a private company, government program or a workplace in which a insurer pays a monthly premium and deductible for healthcare coverage. Most insured Americans are covered by employers or through private insurance companies. Some examples include: AKA: Obamacare a. $967 million
b. $525 billion
c. $200 million
d. $174 billion According to Forbes taxpayers account for $1.13 trillion in healthcare costs a year. Major entities Obamacare will affect... The Middle Class Physicians Small Businesses Obamacare requires all Americans to purchase health insurance. Small Businesses If a business has above 50 employees, they must provide health benefits.
Tax credit for small businesses
Decrease in employees The Middle Class Physicians Influx of patients
Passing of care to mid-level providers
Quality of care According to National Health Expenditure Projections, Obamacare plans to reduce the payment rate of physicans by 29.4%. Low income families
Raising premiums affects on younger people
Obama's broken promise The ACA tax will rise which will drastically affect the middle class. An idea to help solve the problem: Allow the purchase of healthcare over state lines.
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