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The Dream Trip

No description

Jessica McCoy

on 2 April 2011

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Transcript of The Dream Trip

Getting There July/3/2010
Departure from Detroit MI 11:30 AM
Arrival Dallas, Texas 1:10PM

Departure from Dallas, Texas 4:10PM
Arrival Orange County, CA 5:10PM
$1277 First Flexible
American Eagle Accommodation Fairmont Newport Beach
4500 MacArthur Boulvevard, Newport Beach, CA 92660 1h 27 mins from filming location of the Cohen's house from the reality tv show The OC Fairmont View King NS
room rate:$164.00 USD
7 nights TOTAL RATE $1285 76 Newport Beach
Orange County
California Saturday June 5th Shopping at Fashion Island 8 mintues away from hotel! AGENDA wake up 11:30 2:00 7:00 Out to eat at La Salsa Sunday June 6th only 8 minutes away 20 minutes away from hotel! Leave for Disneyworld and
Disney's California Adventure park 12:30 Monday June 7th $97.00 per person Golfing at Newport Beach
Golf Course 12:00am $17, 18 holes Tuesday June 8th 12:30pm-5:30pm Fishing Charter $33 per person Wednesday June 9th Thursday June 10th Santa Ana Zoo! $4/person 1:30 11 minutes away from hotel! Going Home :( July/10/2010 Departure from Santa Ana, CA 12:10PM
Arrival Dallas, Texas 7:00PM Departure from Dallas, Texas 5:01PM
Arrival Detroit MI 10:35PM Heading home! :( SOAK UP THE SUN! learn how to surf! Why I want to go I would like to visit Newport Beach California because my favourite television show is shot there and it looks beautiful. There also seems to be alot of fun things to do.
Sounds likea great vacation to me! Morning I'd like to try and go to see the Choen's house
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