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Ancient Greece: Geography

No description

Shayna DiMatteo

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Greece: Geography

Ancient Greece: Geography What types of geographical
features does Ancient Greece have? Greece has many mountains and hills. Actually, about 80% of Greece is covered in mountains. What effect did the
have on the people of
Ancient Greece? So how could they farm with
all of those mountains? What do you notice about
Ancient Greece from the
next map? Greece is a peninsula!
It is surrounded by water
on three sides. Also, there
are 1,400 small islands that
are a part of Greece. The Greeks lived on rocky, mountainous lands surrounded by water. Because the mountains cover much of Greece, there are few flat areas for farmland. The mountains made....

- travel difficult
- isolated communities
- poor farmland So, people created their own governments and way of life based on where they lived. But what about farming? Do you think they
could travel by land? So they turned to the seas and became...

- skilled ship builders and sailors

As they traveled, they found sources of
food and other products they needed. They needed a solution... So they developed...

TERRACE FARMING Terrace farming was their way of
making flat areas of land.
From a steep slope they created many
level plains on which they could
grow crops.The terraces prevented
soil erosion and washing away of
the crops. This way they could still
grow their own food, regardless
of the rocky, mountainous terrain.
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