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Mobile Meteor: An Interactive and Informational Mobile Web App for Small Businesses

Mobile Meteor enables small businesses to inform their customers, engage with website visitors and promote specials. Learn more: http://mobilemeteor.com

Denis Hurley

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Mobile Meteor: An Interactive and Informational Mobile Web App for Small Businesses

Mobile Meteor
makes it easy
for customers to... Mobile Meteor This To
This The Problem(s): No Flash Support So if your site is written in flash,
this iPhone user won't see anything! Except this little diamond, of course. Big Screen Go from What looks great on a Small Screen ...might be tight on a You get the idea.
Now for the good stuff... The Solution: Mobile Meteor in 48 hours Call You Find You Get Directions Contact You
Via Email And view EVEN MORE info INSTANTLY with a simple twist... Add Instant Info Screens Such as a description of your business Highlight specific products Add a menu to make them hungry! An easy to read schedule Instructor bios Want to see it in action? Many business web sites do not work on smartphones
This can result in losing potential customers
Mobile Meteor offers a simple, affordable solution to this problem
Our Mobile Site enables you to control your mobile storefront
And we take advantage of opportunities provided by smartphones so you can engage with customers Mobile Meteor:
Ensures smartphone users can find you
Gives you two Instant Info Screens so you can share menus, pictures, reviews & more
Can get your mobile site up in 48 hours
Works on iPhones, Blackberries, Androids and all modern smartphones
Instantly displays from your own home page
Enables you to update your information 24/7
Integrates with the best social media tools "Favorite" Your
Mobile Page Create two additional screens for smartphone users
Share photos, menus, products, schedules, blogs and more!
iPhone users access these screens by rotating their phone
Customers with a Blackberry, Android, or other model can access these screens with a simple click
So critical information is easily available to your smartphone users...
And it loads quickly in the background, so you won't lose customers on a weak 3G network
A summary of your services Show off photos of your goods - edible... ... and beautiful Upcoming Events RSS Feed, such as reviews and blogs Engage & Promote Accessing the web from a smartphone is different from using a desktop. Rather than dumbing it down, why not make it smarter? Feedback Tool Direct Reviews
Get direct feedback from your customers, so you can ask honest questions, get honest answers and learn how to improve your business. Promotion:
Give your fans an incentive to interact and the option to email you directly from your mobile site. Polling:
Use the feature to engage your visitors — run a poll along with a promotion and increase the number of repeat customers! Twitter & #mobilesecret Social Media Integration Manage & Track Screenshot of Analytics Screen Screenshot of Menu Manager Smart Web For Smartphones You can include your latest tweet on your mobile website You can pin a tweet to your mobile website by including the hashtag #mobilesecret Which means you can update your mobile site with important information and continue using Twitter without worring about this info being buried!
Daily Special
Location (food trucks)
Happy Hour Details Integrate with the best social media tools available!
Cross promote to get the most out of the best of the web. Access to our online portal enables you to:
Update business details
View site statistics
Run promotions and polls
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