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Prezi CPD

No description

Andrew Atkin

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of Prezi CPD

Stand out from the
Online presentation tool
Fluid movement
Zooming allows
you to explore
the content better
and focus on key areas
Flipped classroom
So what is Prezi
reverting back to the whole image allows you to see the bigger picture or the full content
Lets put that into context as an educator
As a brickwork lecturer most of our subjects are broken down into units
So for example we study cavity walling as a unit in both level one and two
subject specific images help students to understand the topic better
This is the external skin, generally comprising of facing bricks or stone to give the building a nice appearance both in colour and texture
This is a tie wire it bonds both the internal and external skin together to give it strength
The black round disc is a tie wire disc. It ensures the insulation does not slip out of place
This is the insulation (partial) this keeps the building warm
This is the internal skin, commonly constructed in block work both dense and lightweight blocks are commonly used in today's construction
Reverting back to the whole image again shows the whole topic
additionally to prezi to assess learning you could throw in a Plickers quiz
This keeps students engaged
Remember there are alternatives to PowerPoint
A well executed presentation can help keep the kids focused
Spread your wings, take a risk and learn something new
Hundreds of stickers, logos, numbers and shapes to create interesting slides
Alongside easily inserted images from the web
How it moves
easily insert YouTube clips
as its so different students can be kept engaged

Remember most students have seen PowerPoint slides all of their lives and from a very early age
This is not a new theory but prezi is an idea tool, you can send the link through various platforms
In the past I've used office one drive, email accounts and even twitter
Best of all its

Prezi... an alternative to PowerPoint
Curriculum Leader for BCP and Tutor in BCG
Andrew Atkin
Lay stickers on top of sticks and add text
Does any one know?
Thank you for listening
If we've got time we will look how to build a prezi
Ill walk you through the main steps

Cavity walling
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