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Strategic Planning

A DED200 Presentation

vanna copa

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning
2013 Our challenges and concerns.. How will we get there? *GOAL: To improve numeracy outcomes for all trainees. Automation of grades, evaluation, registry, enrollment process, exams and the like will be used accordingly and properly on or before December 31, 2013. Where are we going? Where are we now? VISION Tech-Synergy Philippines Academy
is a world-class technical institution
that provides globally competent individuals who are
committed, open, responsible and excellent. MISSION we provide excellent results
as we.... aim to be successful
in their chosen career as they
compete with their acquired
knowledge, skills and values, thus,
excel in life. LET THE GAMES BEGIN ! Internal (within academy walls) Facilities Curriculum SNPLP External (Outside academy walls) General Cleanup Drive Clean up hardware and software Provide complete sets of computers for the trainees to use Speed..

Remove backup files/folders from the previous batches A glimpse of our beginning... The reason why we are here "aim.compete.excel" Accommodation of students without medical background for GT Training: No Accreditation from TESDA
How are we going to accommodate GT trainees concerning issues regarding technicalities and legalities to TESDA?
Solution: For now, accommodate students Asking for support... “Study-Now Pay-Later Program" How will it be processed? Payment Scheme SNPL Qualification
Examination When will they pay?

Down payment of Php3,500 upon enrollment

Php1,500 salary deduction every cut-off upon entrance to production team within the first 3 months of employment.

Total of Php 12,500. How to get QUALIFIED? Applicants will need to have at least 85% in each set of the Academy Competency Examination (ACE)
Written Examination
Audio Examination
Typing Test Examination Trainees' Endorsement and recommendation What is S.T.E.P.S. ? Standard Trainees' Endorsement Procedure System END-OF-TRAINING
RECOMMENDATION GUIDELINES: 1. Upon finishing the MT course for 196 hours here in the Tech-Synergy Philippines Academy, the faculty will deliberate and formulate a SUGGESTION as to what account the trainees will be more effective and efficient.
2. The training team will formally endorse to the Academy Director details about the overall performances of each Trainees through e-mail. (List of qualified trainees).
3. The Academy Director will then e-mail the following:
•Admin - Ma'am Thess Zarate
•HR - Ma'am Camelia Bagno
•QA - Ma'am Christine Didulo
And a courtesy copy to:
•GM -Ma'am Erna Pascua
•OM - Sir Adonis Pascua
•Finance - Ma'am Jhacky Daguitan EARLY RECOMMENDATION QUALIFICATIONS: In the case of early recommendation as the need arises in the production, the trainee should have at least the following qualifications: EARLY RECOMMENDATION GUIDELINES: 1. The Project Manager from the production team who needs people will ask for support from the Academy through Ma'am Thess, Ma'am Camelia, Ma'am Christine and Ma'am Erna. E-mail should be sent directly to the Academy Director (send courtesy copy to all the aforementioned people). 2. After receiving the e-mail, the Academy Team will review all trainees' performances individually and recommendations will be given accordingly as to who is performing within the standards of both TSI and TSPA basing on the Early Recommendation Qualifications. 3. The training team will formally endorse to the Academy Director through e-mail and proper documentation. 4. The Academy Director will officially endorse to the Management of TSI along with the concerned Project Managers the list of qualified trainees. To improve numeracy outcomes for all trainees.
TSPA website will be established with its own domain.
Automated Centralized System for the Academy would be accomplished.
All equipment will be upgraded.
To purchase brand new personal computer sets.
To hire 1 MT Instructor.
To ensure that all trainees endorsed will have a smooth transition going to the production.
To develop and promote behaviors and attitudes that supports the achievement of "personal best."
To improve trainees' engagement in their learning. *GOAL: TSPA website will be established with its own domain. Website content shows the Academy's profile, background, mission-vision, staff and services/modules offered by July 31, 2013. *GOAL: All equipment will be upgraded. With the TSA's projected income, the Academy will be able to have "more upgrade, less repair" equipment to be used by both the staffs and the trainees on or before December 31, 2013. *GOAL: Purchase brand new personal computer sets. The Academy would be able to purchase 5 units on or before July 31, 2013. *GOAL: Hire Instructor/s. The Academy will hire at least 1 MT Instructor on or before April 1, 2012. Both TSI and TSPA will be implementing the Standard Trainees' Endorsement Procedure System (STEPS). *GOAL: Ensure that all endorsed trainees will have a smooth transition from training to the production. The Academy Team will provide team building activities as part of the curriculum. *GOAL: Develop and promote behaviors and attitudes that supports the achievement of "personal best." Implement "Job Shadowing" activities and coordinate with TSI as we invite people for motivational speeches. *GOAL: Improve trainees' engagement in their learning. Thank you. Train and offer skills development and career opportunities;
Serve as catalyst for continuous growth personally and professionally;
Achieve a reputation of Integrity. Furthermore, the students of this institution TESDA ACCREDITED MEMBER of introducing... How will the students be qualified? Trainees' endorsement/recommendation
through S.T.E.P.S . For endorsement of Trainees at the end of the training.
For possible early recommendation of Trainees in production during the training (necessity will depend upon the request of production team)
For smooth transition of Trainees from training to production. 1. Laboratory Grade
(50% of overall accuracy in all transcripts done within 15 days)
2. Lecture Grade
(40% of grades from exams, quizzes, self-checks and the like).
3. Attitude (5%).
4. Attendance (5%). OUR 2013 GOALS By December 31, 2013, 280 trainees will be produced. i.e. having an average of 36 students per batch. *GOAL: Automated Centralized System. EL PIONEROS FIRST BATCH
*All of these should be accumulated within the 15-day period. The overall performance should be not less than 90%.
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