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Adrian LM - Technology Graphics


Adrian Lobos-Munoz

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Adrian LM - Technology Graphics

Yr 8 Graphic Technology Folio Design Brief For our design project we have to create a logo for a clothing range we own. We have to we have to present two examples of our logo one has to be printed at home on a piece of paper and the other has to be printed on a special piece of paper at school then iron it on a piece of fabric at home. After the logo we have to create a swing tag label of our own design for our on clothing range. And our finale task is to create a design folio on Prezi. Design Limitations Design Criteria Time Management Plan Investigation Possible Logo Names 5 Possible Business Names: Liqua (the one i chose)
Bee Lazy
Own It
Impulse Some design limitations are: People keep asking for help.
Cannot find a person to take photos of.
find a time to take the photos.
get the cloths.
computer brakes down.
freids and the computer can ditract me.
if i do not know how to operate a program it will slow me down. A well created graphic design image will have: The logo can be recognised easily.
It has a good use of color that represents you company well.
The logo has something to do with what your brand has to offer.
The logo has to be neat not messy like a draft.
the logo should be fun and creative not boring and dull
The logo has to stand out from others.
They need know how to use the programs well.
All the students need to have a sensible and quiet work ethic.
It will function well in the prezi presentation THE ONE I CHOSE THE ONE I CHOSE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Design Evaluation This project of making a swing tag and logo has been very eye opening in the abilities I thought I had on my computer. I am extremely happy on how my final design turned out. Making my logo out of two pictures of the same person in different clothes may have been a bit too advanced for me. Next time I would have chosen something a little bit easier but still would have made is superb looking. I also think that should have spent a little more time on me swing tag because I believe that I could have done a much better job on it. Over all I am extremely happy on how my project tuned out and I hope I will be able to progress with my graphics stills in the future. P.S. Thank you Mrs Hampson for teaching me in Graphics this term (you’re the best teacher).
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